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The Fool is Terrified at the Sight of Truths, and becomes Self-defensive: because his Traditional Religion or Belief is all that he Understands, and he Fails to Understand that his Traditional Religion or Belief is WRong! 


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53. Only the Great Creator God could make a Scene so Beautiful


Health / Gardening

15. The Amazing Difference between 2 Garlic Plants!, with Explanation



Fortress Wall at Jerusalem


Money / Economy

A Pile of $100 Federal Reserve Notes


Government / Politics

US Capitol in Washington, D.C.


Social / Moral

32. A River running into the Narrows


Spiritual / Religious




The Peacock's Leather Bound NMV of The PROVERBS of King Solomon in PLAIN English


Crime / Terrorism / War

73. This Narrows is about 40 feet deep



02. A Bad Place for a Picnic

The above List of Swangkee Literature is just a Taste of Various Books that are organized into 10 General Categories, which also have Links at the far left side of this page, at the bottom of the column, which give more details for each Book, without clicking on each Title, which Inspired Literature is of Great Importance for Learning Faith, Valuable Knowledge, Truths, and Wisdom. Such Books are full of Enlightenment, Practical Solutions — such as a New, almost Effortless Gardening Technique for Wise Gardeners — and Instructions for Obtaining and Maintaining Good Health, which could Save a Person tens of thousands of Dollars, if not hundreds of thousands! Therefore, this Website contains much Trustworthy Hope and Reliable Encouragement, plus Instructions for Home Improvements, Correct Construction, Love, Cooperation, Trust, Patience, Worldwide Law, Order, Obedience, Peace, True Prosperity, Persistence, and Generosity — just to Name a FEW of the many Good Things that you can Learn from this Website, which Literature is otherwise known as the Marvelous TALE of The PEACOCK, and the Strong ROPE of HOPE, which could Save the People of the Whole World from all Kinds of Natural and Unnatural Disasters, Sufferings, Sicknesses, Diseases, Pains, Worries, Fears, Wars, Poverty, Divorces, Crimes, and Troubles of all Kinds, even as Unbelievable as that might Sound to someone who has never Studied such Words of Truth with an Open Mind! In other Words, if you can Think of any Massive Problem, Worldwide, this Website most likely Contains a Reasonable Solution for that Problem, which Solution no one has Proven to be Wrong nor Unworkable by any Means: beCause it is Inspired by the Creator of the Tail of the Peacock! However, if you Imagine that you can Prove such Solutions to be Wrong or Unworkable, you should Address your Proofs and/or Honest Opinions to my FREEDOM of SPEECH Magazine of Opinions! — and I will Attempt to Respond by Means of Reason and Logic, Mixed with Honesty and Biblical Proofs. Therefore, ENJOY this Feast of Truth and Wisdom, and make Notes of how Often that you are Proven to be Wrong concerning your Beliefs about Various Subjects, in spite of being brought up by "the One and ONLY True Religion" — whatever it might be, since each Religious Group of Deceived People Imagine (or Know for a Fact) that they have the One and ONLY Right Religion, in spite of the Fact that there are more than 400 of them! Indeed, they could not ALL be Correct, since they have Contradictory Doctrines, which are Inspired by a Contradictory Bible! Remember that I Claim to be the KING of the Birds, by Reason of my God-given Gifts: beCause I am The BLEST PEACOCK from Angel Ridge — even as Boastful as that might Sound to a Tenderhearted Sheep of the Good Shepherd, who has never Seen the Tale of the Peacock spread out in the Light of Good Understanding with Clear Eyeballs! Remember that I offer a ONE-MILLION-DOLLAR REWARD to anyone who can Prove my Words of Truth to be WRong.

Sincerely and Truly the Faithful Friend of all Lovers of Truths, 

Ray Walter Swangkee — the Colorful Peacock from Angel Ridge, who is otherwise known as Multi-Trillionaire Truth, the Happy Son of Great Faith and True Love!