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“DEMOCRACY is Hailed among Western Civilizations, and Especially in the Divided States of United Lies, as the “Political Salvation of Mankind”: beCause, if anyone Objects to how their Government is Managed, rather than Shoot the King, they can Run with a Big Bag Full of Money, in a Political Race to the Little White OUTHOUSE, which Reeks with Ancient Elephant Droppings and Fresh Political Donkey Dung, which alone would Cause Jesus Christ to turn up his Nose at the whole Idea! P.U.!”

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— Ray Walter Swangkee

A New Jerusalem in the Great State of Flexible Texas!

This Book presents the World with a Unique Plan for a Special City, which will Solve more than 248 Massive Problems, just by its Design, alone! Moreover, it is Designed just for True Believers, in Order to bring them to Perfection. Therefore, if you are Sick and Tired of being a Hypocrite, you might Consider the Great Advantages for Living within such a Planned City State, which will have its own Progressive Government, and will be Free from all other Governments: because it will be a Religious State, whose King is Jesus Christ. Indeed, it will be Built for one Main Purpose — to get Special Souls Prepared for the Second Coming of the Anointed Savior, who will not Return for an Unholy Bride: because that would be Breaking his own Laws. Therefore, his Bride must be Purged from all Uncleanness by Means of much Fasting and Praying, which will only be Possible at a New Jerusalem: because it is Designed for the Production of True Saints! Therefore, this Special Book is a “Must Read” for those Wise People who Accept the Words of Jesus Christ SERIOUSLY and PRAYERFULLY; and I Hope and Pray that it Includes YOU!

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Photo for A New Jerusalem in the Great State of Flexible Texas

Photo for A New Jerusalem in the Great State of Flexible Texas

This Fine Handcrafted Furniture can be found in the Wurzburg Castle, in Southern Germany, along with many other Museum Pieces, which you can see Photos of in my Photo Galleries, for Encouragement: beCause we will be Producing such Furniture during the Future, for the New Jerusalem in the Great State of Flexible Texas! 

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“Moreover, I have other Sheep, which are not of this Fold; therefore, I must bring them Together, also: because they will also Hear my Voice; and there shall be One Fold of True Believers, and One Good Shepherd Governing them.” — The New MAGNIFIED Version of The GOOD NEWS According to Saint John Zebedee Boanerges 10:16, in PLAIN English.

“O my Son, do not be Deceived by any Means; but, Understand that the End of the Age will not Come, until the Bride of Christ is Prepared for his Second Coming.” — A Proverb of the Peacock