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"O little Children, no one's Life is Long Enough to Learn ALL of the Necessary Lessons for Perfecting one's Soul during one Lifetime, even if it is a hundred Years Long, and many People Die at Birth. Therefore, by the Wisdom and Mercy of God, we have been Given more than one Lifetime to get ourselves Perfected for either Good or Evil, which is also According to the Law of Justice, which Demands a Great Judgment Day; but, only after we have been Given Freedom to Choose how to Live and Think and Act and React, for at least a thousand Years!

— Ray Walter Swangkee

Did the Victims of the Oklahoma City Bombing get their JUSTICE??

Tens of millions of Americans Sincerely Believe that Timothy James McVeigh Acted alone in the Oklahoma City Bombing, and that his Death by Federal Executioners was the Final Word concerning this Case that would be of any Great Interest to them: because they Trust that Wicked Cover-up Government to Report the WHOLE Truth, and nothing but the Truth, even though they Know that they were Lied to about the John F. Kennedy Assassination in Dallas, Texas, November 22, 1963. Therefore, after that Incident and dozens of others, including Ruby Ridge and Waco, Texas, one would Naturally Think that most People would Begin to WAKE UP; but behold, the Wool has been Pulled Over their Eyes once again by that same Anti-Christ Cover-up Government, which is not Prepared for what will Happen to them, which I have Revealed within this Inspired Booklet, which is Written in such a Way that they cannot even Tolerate the Way that is Written: because it makes them Sick; but, whomever Loves the Truth will Bear with it, unto the Satisfaction of their Soul, and unto the Great Enlightenment of their Honest Mind, in Spite of all Theoretical Speculations.

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Photo for Did the Victims of the OK City Bombing get their Justi

Photo for Did the Victims of the OK City Bombing get their Justi

 If you had 2 Beautiful Children like these, and some Idiot Bombed them for the Sake of "National Security," would you consider that a Worthy Sacrifice? Of course not! Nevertheless, that is Exactly what your Wicked Anti-Christ FALSE Cover-up Federal Government must have done in Oklahoma City!

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"O my Son, you have probably Heard about 'Wickedness in High Places,' but the Wickedness of this Evil Government is almost Beyond Belief. Yes, there is a Mountain of Evidence Against it, and you can be Sure that their Sins will be Discovered and Exposed."

"O my Daughter, what a Sad World, which is only made more Sad by a False Government: beCause most People have at least some Faith in their Government, since they Elected them; but, with Power comes Corruption and Wickedness in High Places. Therefore, do not Allow the Truth to Shock you, nor Cause a Heart Failure: beCause it is something that you can Expect when so much Money is Involved." — Proverbs of the Peacock