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“Madame, you are doing something WRONG. Therefore, WAKE YOURSELF UP, and pay Strict Attention to your own Body, lest you end up in the Sanitized Slaughterhouse, getting your Precious Million-dollar Organs Removed by Means of 10 cent Razor Blades, so to speak. Yes, WAKE YOURSELF UP, and come to your Right Senses: because you are in PAIN for a GOOD REASON, which is NOT the Lack of some Poisonous Pill, Shot of Puss, nor Operation by the Doctor Knife; but, it is the LACK of Obedience to Certain Divine and Natural Dietary LAWS.” source

The Peabrain Peacock Investigates the Kennedy Assassination!

There was a Time when almost all Americans Sincerely Believed that Lee Harvey Oswald was the Lone Assassin of Former President John F Kennedy, in November of 1963; but now, in 2003, almost no one of Intelligence Accepts that Theory: because it was never Proven. However, the Real Proof will come when Lee Harvey Oswald is Raised up from the Dead, who will at Last be given the Freedom to Speak whatever is on his Mind, which will no Doubt be very Shocking to many Americans: because they have been Greatly Deceived, even as this Inspired Booklet Proves beyond any Doubt.

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Photo for The Peabrain Peacock Investigates the Kennedy Assassination

Photo for The Peabrain Peacock Investigates the Kennedy Assassination

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"O my Son, a Wicked Cover-up government is not Ashamed of itself, even if it gets Caught."

"O my Daughter, you should not Work for a Wicked government, nor Support it in any Way." — Proverbs of the Peacock