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Dear Friend or Enemy

 A Photo of the Author on Vacation at Mount Rushmore, in South Dakota.
A Photo of the Author on Vacation at Mount Rushmore, in South Dakota. (I was Thinking that there might be space up there for my own Head, some day; but, upon second Thought, after learning about all of the Crimes of those Gentlemen, and their Counterparts, I have Retreated on the Idea. I am sorry for ever Considering it. Please Forgive me. Thank you in advance.)

“O my Neighbor, I Pray to God that you are not like the Fearful Dog whom I saw the other Day, who Barked at me before he got to Meet me; and the Saddest Thing of all was the Fact that he never got to See me Open Up my Big Beautiful God-given Tale of Truth and Wisdom in the Light of Good Understanding!”

That is the First of more than a thousand Original "Proverbs of The Peacock," which is the God-given Pen Name of the Blest Author of more than 300 Inspired Books and Booklets, which are called "Tale Feathers": beCause they just Spring Out of him Naturally, Spontaneously, without Premeditation, Planning, nor Editing by Dogs, Snakes, Skunks, nor Snoopervisors. Therefore, if "The Peacock" Offends you, just Remember that Jesus Christ was called, "The Lamb of God," and that Wicked King Herod was called, "that Sly Old Fox," by Jesus, himself, who knew all about Foxes. However, this Enlightening Website is so Controversial that it is not even Safe for the Colorful Peacock from Angel Ridge to Live in his own Million-dollar Rock House (which he helped his Brother Vern to Build by Moving more than 13 million Pounds by Hand): beCause of so many Murderous "Wild Beasts," who are somewhat like King Herod, Incorporated!


Dear Friend or Enemy

(A Necessary Short Letter of Explanation)


By Ray Walter Swangkee —
The Colorful Peacock from Angel Ridge,
King's Mountain, Kentucky 40442 U.S.A.

Dear Friend or Enemy,

Few People on this Earth would Accept the Challenge to come up with a Complete, Workable, Reasonable, Acceptable, and Understandable “Master Plan for Worldwide Law, Order, Obedience, Peace, and True Prosperity” — but, I have: because it comes to me as a GIFT from the Master Farmer and Chief Architect, who Loves all People, Worldwide, in spite of their Foolishness, Greed, Lusts, Selfishness, Ignorance, and Unbelief; who Seeks their Good Health and True Wealth, even though the Lady Doubtfulness does not Believe it: beCause she is Ignorant concerning The Master Plan of the Master Farmer!, who has Certainly NOT Revealed his Entire Master Plan to ME — the Peabrain Peacock; but, he has Revealed Enough for the Present Distresses, in Order to Solve our Massive Problems, which is what I Prayed for, even Solutions that no one could Prove to be WRong nor Unworkable. Likewise, I also Love all People to some Degree, and Especially those who Love TRUTHS, which Truths can be Proven to be True, which is one of the Reasons WHY that I provide my Literature Free of Charge to all People, whether or not they are Rich or Poor, who Need to be Liberated from their Dark Prison of Deceptions and Lies by the Light of Truth!

For Example, if you Examine my Swangkee Photo Galleries, you will Discover our 98% Rock Houses, which are:

  • Fireproof — because Rocks do not easily Burn
  • Hail-proof — because most of the Roof is 6 feet thick
  • Paint-proof — because Beautiful Marble-faced Walls do not get Ugly, and therefore they do not need Painting
  • Self-air-conditioned — because the Earth, itself, keeps it at the Right Temperature, except for a small amount of Firewood, which could be replaced with Solar Heat, except that it is not quite as Reliable as the Firewood, and Especially in Places like Kentucky, which are often Blest with Hazy Days during Winter Months
  • Rot-proof — because Rocks do not Rot, which is Especially Beneficial in Wet Climates like Kentucky
  • Termite-proof — because Termites do not like to Munch on Rocks, since it is Rough on their Teeth, you might say!
  • Tornado-resistant — at least on the Sides: because the Solid Walls are 17 feet thick at the Base on 3 Sides, and about 2 feet thick on the Front Side
  • Insurance-proof — because there is no Need for any Insurance
  • Mouse-proof — because the Solid Rock Walls have no place Designed within them for Mice, Rats, Snakes, Skunks, Cockroaches, Wasps, Killer Bees, nor other Varmints to Homestead, or to take up Light Housekeeping, even as certain Outlaw Varmints have done in the District of Criminals, in Washington, who call themselves Leaders and Experts, even though they Reject the Great Truths that were Taught by Jesus Christ, who was and still is the Greatest Leader of all, who has been and still is Admired and Worshipped by BILLIONS of People, Worldwide, including myself, who has been Personally SEALED by his own Right Hand!
  • Shingle-proof — because there are no Shingles to replace
  • “Bulletproof” — because it is Difficult to shoot through Solid Rock Walls and 3-inch-thick Solid White Oak Doors, even though it is not Smart-Bomb-proof: because that might Require the entire National Budget for so-called "National Security," in order to Build such a House, which National Security is about as Secure as one of those Wooden/Plastic Firetrap Mouse-infested Cockroach Dens!
  • “Soundproof” — because there is not much Sound passing through such thick Walls, even though I am sure that if an Atomic Bomb went off just above the Roof, that some Noise would pass on through — at least enough to make a Person sit up in Bed, and SMILE! 
  • and so on.

In other Words, our Rock Houses have a LOT of Advantages over the Average American Wooden/Plastic Firetrap, Mouse-infested Cockroach Dens — which are GUARANTEED to Rot Down, Burn Up, Blow Away, get Eaten Up by Termites, Flooded Out, Shaken Down during an Earthquake, Caved in with an Ice Storm, Slid Away in a Mudslide, or else get Destroyed in some other Way by the "Ways and Means Committees of Nature" — without even Considering the BEAUTY of our Rock Houses with the Onyx Floors, Brazilian Agate Windows, Marble-faced Walls, and Colorful Native Rock Ceilings. For Example, just the Fact that the Walls never Need to be Painted is a Great Advantage, alone: because that will eventually Pay for our Rock Houses, which originally Cost less than HALF as much as the Average American Trash Dump House, in spite of those Marble Walls, Onyx Floors, and Agate Windows! Likewise, because we have no Insurance, no Cooling Bills, no Carpets to Replace, very little Heating, no Shingles nor Siding, and no Termites, those things alone will easily Pay for our Houses, which have already Saved us thousands of Dollars, and will Save us tens of thousands of Dollars during the LONG RUN, and has already cut down on Pollution, Time, and Labor that would have normally been Wasted. Therefore, the Older our Houses get, the more Valuable they will get: because of Inflation; but, it is not so with the Average Wooden/Plastic Firetrap Mouse-infested Cockroach Dens, which Deteriorate Constantly, and Require more and more Expensive Repairs, until at last they are TRASHED in the Poisonous Trash Dump — that is, IF they are not Trashed by Dry Rot, Termites, or some Tornado, Hurricane, Flood, Fire, Earthquake, or Volcano! (See: Why Buy any more TRASH??) Therefore, if you Want to Save yourself and Future Generations of Wise People a Bundle of Money, as well as a LOT of Work, I Strongly Suggest that you Sincerely Investigate what I have to Reveal: because it is Possible for everyone in the World to have a Rock House that is Equally as Good or even Better than our Rock Houses — with one hundredth or less of the Work that we did, by Hand, moving more than 13 million Pounds — which will Save the People of the World millions of TRILLIONS of Dollars in Heating and Cooling Bills, Insurance, Paint, and Taxes for Fire DEPARTments, as well as bring Peace of Mind from having no Problems with Tornadoes, Hurricanes, Fires, Flood Damage, Mice, Rats, Termites, Insurance Bills, Property Taxes, and so on. Indeed, this Website tells HOW we can ALL get Moderately RICH, except for Idiots and Morons, without Tax Slavery, Interest Slavery, Insurance Slavery, Work Slavery, Fears, Worries, STRESS, and so on. (See: Did STRESS Kill Jon Jackson??, and Understand that Stress might be Worse than Eating Junk Foods, which no one should Eat: because a Body Requires Living Foods, in Order to be Truly ALIVE. Indeed, I tell HOW, WHY, WHEN, and WHERE to get it Done. In Fact, I Offer a ONE-MILLION-DOLLAR REWARD to any Person from here to India and China, from Russia to South Africa, from Alaska to the Southern Tip of Chile, from England, Ireland, Scotland, and the Islands of the Atlantic Ocean, to Australia, New Zealand, and to the Islands of the Pacific Ocean, and to the President of Lying Political Rabbits in the District of Criminals in the Polluted Territory of George Washington's Little White BACKHOUSE (which has the 2 Stinking Holes for the Dimwitcrats and Reprobates to squat on, which is Filled with Ancient Political Elephant Droppings and Fresh Donkey Dung), all of the way down to the Lowest Cockroach in the City Dump, if they can Prove by Means of Reason and Logic that my Inspired Words of Provable Truths and Wisdom are Wrong or Unworkable! Indeed, this Website contains a Reasonable Solution for Poverty, the False Economy, Unemployment, Political Nonsense, the Energy Crisis, Crime, Capital Punishment, Terrorism, Illegal Immigration, Tax Slavery, Interest Slavery, Social Insecurity, Sicknesses, Diseases, Depression, Addiction to Smoking, Pimples, Insanity, Laziness, Obesity, Prostitution, Rapes, Abortions, Homosexuality, Gambling, Handguns, Murders, Prisons, Car Accidents, House Fires, Tornadoes / Hurricanes, Waste Disposal, Sweat Shops, Pollution, Expensive Education, and dozens of other Problems, Worldwide, without going to War, without Preaching any Lies, and without Selling any Trash. (See: Why Buy any more TRASH??) Indeed, there are NO Photographs nor Books for Sale on this Website, which shows the Generosity of the Author, as well as his Love for the Holy One who Inspired its Repetitious Truths, which TURN OFF Impatient Proud IDIOTS, who are now living in those Wooden/Plastic Firetrap houses with a 3-day supply of food and water, as if Disaster could not Strike them! Therefore, “you shall Know them by their Fruits,” and nothing is so Satisfying in the Belly of the Mind as the Sweet Fruits of TRUTH and WISDOM! Therefore, ENJOY this Feast of Truth by Consuming at least some of it each Day: because it will Build up your Faith in All that is GOOD! Yes, "Prove all things, while Holding Tightly to all that is GOOD," as the Apostle Paul Advised. Remember that SWANGKEE Means FIRST CLASS QUALITY. Also, remember that if your Computer Screen is not Adjusted Properly, the Photos will not be nearly so Beautiful, and Especially on a Laptop Computrid, which can sometimes make you Sick, and Especially when it CRASHES right in the Middle of some Serious Thought. (Therefore, I Recommend a Mac-Book Pro Computer by Apple.) Moreover, not all of the Hyperlinks within this Website are Connected; but, I am Working on Correcting them. Thank you for your Patience. Remember that you can always Return to the Simple List of Swangkee Literature, in Order to Discover any Particular Book. Thank you. (See the Literature Categories at the bottom of the far left column on this page.)

Peace and Love to you who have Faith in All that is GOOD —

Your New Unbiased Friend,
Ray Walter Swangkee — the Humble Son of Great Faith and True Love from Angel Ridge, King's Mountain, Kentucky —  the Home of the Richest Man on the Earth!

WARNING:  Remember that the Tale of the Peacock is HIGHLY CAMOUFLAGED, in Order to HIDE it from Mockingbirds, Snakes, and FOOLS: because they are Unworthy to Escape from their Prisons of Lies and Sins. Indeed, they do not even Manage to Finish Reading this one little Page: because of their Worldly Ambitions, Pride, Lusts, and the Blindness of their Minds, which is their Just Reward for their Unbelief and Disobedience; and therefore, they will be Deprived of the Beauty and Enlightenment that follows after these Words — all of which they should Carefully Read with Open Minds unto the very Last Words on this Page, before they go to any other Pages; and then they should go back to the Beginning of this Page, where they should Systematically Click their Mice on each Hyperlink, in its Proper Order, in Order to Discover whatever might be found on each one of those Pages, while Remembering to RETURN to this Page until they have Discovered whatever is found within those Hyperlinks: because this Website is Arranged by the Master Farmer, himself, for everyone's Enlightenment! Believe me, I will not Waste your Precious Time with any Foolishness, if it is Possible to Avoid it. Therefore, ENJOY this Website, and be SURE to tell someone else about it: because it may Save many Souls from much Suffering, and could even Save for you Uncounted Money, which is now Wasted on Drugs, Junk Foods, House Repairs, Gasoline, Distractions from Reality, and General Foolishness, which King Solomon called VANITY and Vexation of Spirit! {See: The New MAGNIFIED Version of ECCLESIASTES in Plain English!} Remember that any Repetitious Ideas or Thoughts, which are Repeated over and OVER within the ENORMOUS Tale of the Peacock, and The ROPE of HOPE, are only more CAMOUFLAGE for the Peacock, who is a Great Threat to the Evil Empire: because of his Sword of Truth, as you will Discover in the Inspired Words below. (Remember that you may Read whatever is Posted BELOW any of the Available Books and Photographs, while you are Patiently Waiting for those Photographs to be Downloaded onto your Computer Screen: beCause the Words pop up right away, while a Telephone Line Connection might Require some Time, in Order to Download some Photographs and Books. Therefore, I Recommend HIGH SPEED Internet Connections for all Wise People, even if each of you have to Sacrifice a Meal or 2 per Month, in order to Afford it.)

Please Click here for DRAWINGS of Beautiful Planned City States and Profitable $wangkee Stone Domehomes and Complexes, which have more than 248 Advantages over other Kinds of Cities and their almost Worthless Firetrap Wooden Houses, Ugly Spider-web Electric Wires, Rat-infested Sewage and Drainage Tunnels, Trash Dumps, Poorly-made Tools, Pot Holes in the Roads, Junkyard Cars, Traffic Jams, Stop Lights, Insane Garbage Disposal Systems, Recycled Sewage Water for Drinking Water; Cruel Mistreatment of the Poor, Homeless People, who, in most Cases, should Commit themselves to Swangkee Fasting Sanitariums; Needless Taxes, Unwanted Insurance, Crime, Pollution, Poverty, Sicknesses, Diseases, Depressions, Divorces, Suicides, Prisons, and all that is Associated with the Evil Empire of Tax Masters and Interest Masters! Therefore, Before you Commit Suicide, TRY FASTING! However, in Order to be Successful, you must Learn and Obey the RULES for FASTING! Indeed, Moses and Elijah, for Good Examples, Understood the RULES, and therefore they were Successful; but, the Irreverent LOUDMOUTH Slothgut Windbag Hole-in-his-Head — who Knows far less than he might Imagine — MISSED THE MARK, as the Apostle Paul pointed out! Therefore, be WISE for yourself, and Study the RULES for FASTING! Otherwise, you might make a FOOL of yourself; but, not without a Good Reason: because you can be a Good Example for other People to Learn from, who will Know that they should not Do like you have Done! Therefore, do not Presume that you already Know the Rules for Fasting, just because you have Missed a few Meals: because it is a SIN to be Presumptuous, as Moses wrote. Therefore, Study: HOW to get your PRIORITIES in ORDER! And Remember that there are more than 40 Good Reasons WHY People should Fast and Pray! Therefore, do not Mock yourself by Rejecting Truths without a Just Cause. See: What is The GREATEST SIN?? In Fact, many Americans MOCK $wangkee Hotels, Castles, and Fortresses, without Realizing that they have more than 248 GOOD Reasons and Great ADVANTAGES over Normal Cities of Confusion and Pollution, with NO Great Disadvantages. Therefore, they are Speaking EVIL of something that is very GOOD, which is a Major SIN, for which they will be SEVERELY PUNISHED, if they do not REPENT: beCause the Master Plan that I Present is a Revelation of Truth from the Creator, himself. (See: What does it Mean to REPENT??, and: WHO has Authority from God??) Moreover, they Speak GOOD of those Evil Things that God HATES, which I have Proven within my Books. For Example, just Think about the Great DISADVANTAGES for Producing and Using CARS, or Automobiles, which Kill and Wound millions of People per Year, not to mention their Initial Costs, Insurance, Pollution, and Repair Bills; and yet few People on this Earth Speak EVIL of CARS: beCause they Seek to Justify their SINS, one of which is Polluting the Earth with Abominations like Motor Oil and Gasoline, which can be Blamed for all Kinds of Human Ailments, Carbon Monoxide Poisoning (which Causes Poor Memories, even if it does not Kill you; but, several thousand People use it, each Year, in Order to Kill themselves by Committing Suicide), Global Warming, Radical Climate Changes, Acid Rains, and so on. Therefore, Isaiah wrote, "WOE unto those Deceived People who call that which is Good, EVIL; and who call that which is Evil, GOOD: because they shall be Thrust Down to Hell!" — The New MAGNIFIED Version (NMV) in Plain English. (See: WHERE is HELL??, which is Guaranteed to Surprise you! And do not Forget to check out my Booklet, called: How GOOD are CARS??, which will Help you to See through the FOG and SMOG of CAPITALISM, which Produces a FEW Rich Hogs, while Producing MILLIONS of Poor Work Slaves, Tax Slaves and Interest Slaves, who Waste much of their Precious Time on those Progressive Highways to Hell, who are Amazed after they Discover all of the Work that we have done on our little Farm! For Example, we have Mixed and Poured more than 20,000 Wheelbarrows of Concrete, by Means of Hand Tools, with little Concrete Mixers! "Oh thou Boastful Peacock, Hell hath Enlarged itself for thee!" — Billy Shakingspears!) 

Now, I Hear a Great Multitude of Ignorant People (who are no Doubt Related with that Democratic MOB who Screamed out: "CRUCIFY HIM, CRUCIFY HIM!") who say: "O Peabrain Peacock, we could not even get to WORK, without our CARS! Therefore, are you Attempting to JAM the Brakes on Capitalism, and put Progress in REVERSE, and take us BACK to the Dark Ages in a $wangkee ElecTRICK Rolls-Royce Limousine, when People had to use those UGLY HORSES and STAGE COACHES?? Indeed, you may WALK with Jesus Christ and his Ridiculous Apostles, who Wore those Traditional Robes of Christian Hypocrisy; but, WE are going to Continue to DRIVE OUR CARS at all COSTS, even if they KILL US: because those Gas-hog Cars are our IDOLS, and we WORSHIP them! Yes, we are BAAL Worshippers, you might say; but, not without a GOOD Reason: beCause we MUST get to WORK, in Order to PAY all of our BILLS, for which Jesus Christ and his Disciples would ENVY US: beCause we have TRUE FREEDOM, and TRUE RICHES, being Liberated from SLAVERY, even though we do have a few Taxes, Insurance Bills, Accidents, Hospital Bills, Doctor Bills, Drug Bills, and Traffic Jams; but, this is the Best Country in the World, and if you do not like it, then LEAVE IT!" †§‡§§ (See: Justifications for Symbols, Creatures, and Characters!, plus: Justifications for Capitalizations!) Well, my Friends or Enemies, we have gotten ourselves into a Living Hell, whereby we are Dependent on the BEAST, in Order to take Good Care of US; but, behold, the Great FALSE ECONOMY is going to CRASH: beCause, if we do not all REPENT, it is going to STOP RAINING for 3 Years and 6 Months! (See: What will you Do when the Rain STOPS??, which will bring you back around to REALITY!) Yes, the Tongues of all Mockingbirds and Fools will DRY UP, and those Rich Capitalist Hogs will go BROKE: beCause the Great False Economy is Unsustainable! Indeed, you would give anything to be Living within the Borders of a Beautiful Planned City State, like a Swangkee Hotel, Castle, and Fortress, when those Evil Days Come, which will be called the Great Tribulation, which will Come on you like a TRAP: beCause you are Set Up Perfect in your State of Pride and Ignorance for Total DISASTER, Incorporated! However, the Wise Sheeps of the Good Shepherd will Clean ESCAPE: beCause they Accept and Believe ALL of the Inspired Words of the Living God, even if they come from the Mouth of Balaam's ASS! Yes, the WISE People will SEARCH for the WHOLE TRUTH: beCause only the Words of Truth have the Power to set them FREE from the Prison of LIES! (See: Why Vote for One of 2 or 3 WRong Political Parties??) Indeed, to some Degree, we were all Born in that Great Prison of Lies and Sins, and we have not Escaped from it, yet; but, behold, there is a Little Window of Encouraging Faith that is up ABOVE US, which will let in the Light of Truth, if we DRAW BACK those Dark Curtains of Doubt and Unbelief, which will Allow us to Discover the KEY of the Knowledge of All that is Good and Evil, which Key can be Used Wisely, in Order to UNLOCK and OPEN the Door of Confession, which is the only Way Out of that Prison of Sins. Yes, we can Unlock the Door of Confession; but, only IF we Learn ALL of the Sins that we must Confess: beCause it is Impossible for us to Escape from the Prison of Lies, if we do not Learn what those Lies ARE; and one of those Lies is concerning the GOODNESS of those Stinking Gas-hog Cars, which are ABOMINATIONS in the Nostrils of God and of his Holy Angels, who are now Watching over US, in Order to Discover if we are TRUE and Faithful Servants of the Master Farmer. Yes, you may continue to Drive your Cars to Work, while you Listen to Tape Recordings of the Colorful Peacock concerning all Kinds of Important Subjects, and God will have Mercy on you: beCause he Understands your Sorry Condition, and how that you are Locked UP and Pinned UP Naked against the Hard Wall within that Great Prison of Sins. Moreover, many of you have Fallen into Deep Dark PITS, and have become ADDICTED to all Kinds of EVILS, for which you have no Reasonable Solutions, even as those Dimwitcrats and Reprobates in Washington, District of Criminals, have no Reasonable Solutions: beCause they have their Heads STUCK in one of those 2 Stinking Holes within the Little White OUTHOUSE, which would make any Normal Person SICK, just to Listen to their NONSENSE! For Example, if we Sincerely Desire to ELIMINATE, or at least REDUCE the Taxes, we should begin to Teach all of the little Children to Learn, Believe, Love, and OBEY the New MAGNIFIED Version of The TEN COMMANDMENTS: beCause, if every Person in the World should Learn, Believe, Love, and Obey those Commandments, there would not be any NEED for ANY Taxes: beCause everyone would be somewhat like Jesus Christ and his Sound-minded Disciples, all of whom would Agree with what I Teach! (See: The CONSTITUTION for the New RIGHTEOUS One-World GovernMint!, which Explains what we can Do for the Necessary Money, in Order to HIRE whomever is Willing and Able to Learn and Work, in Order to Help Build all Kinds of Beautiful Planned City States, without any Loans, without any Interest, and without any Taxes! ("God Forbid," says an Independent Jackass from the Public School of Ignorant Fools!) Indeed, I Offer a ONE-MILLION-DOLLAR REWARD to anyone on this little Blue / Green / Black / Gray / Pink / Red / Yellow / Brown / White Earth, who can Prove my Inspired Words of Provable Truths to be Wrong or Unworkable! Therefore, my Friend or Enemy, do not be Discouraged by the Fact that you might have to SACRIFICE one of your Favorite Idols (even as Jesus Suggested in his Parable about Plucking Out your own Right Eye), if it Causes you to be Offensive to God, in Order to RAISE your Standard of Living by at least TEN TIMES: because we have SOLAR Power, WIND Power, WATER Power, and MUSCLE Power by Means of Work Animals — like Elephants, Camels, Workhorses, Mules, Oxen, and Seven Great Swangkee Armies of Working Soldiers (as Opposed to Lying Murderous Soldiers who Wound, Rape, Torture, Mutilate, Beat, Kill, and Torment People) who will be HAPPY to be Paid with $wangkee Wages, in Order to Do all Kinds of GOOD Works, including the Building of $wangkee Solar-powered Electric Cars, which run on HOT SALT, which has been Produced from Distilled Ocean Water, which will be Used Wisely, in Order to make those Deserts Blossom like the ROSES! (See: How GOOD is CAPITALISM??, for a Description of a Profitable Animal-powered $wangkee Electric Power Plant. See: A Reasonable Solution for the ENERGY CRISIS!, and: Can the "Richest Nation on Earth" Afford Renewable Energy??) Yes, I am the Man with the Spirit of Elijah, who has Arrived just in Time, in Order to Save your Souls from the Great FAMINE that is Destined to come, if we do not ALL Repent. (See: What does it Mean to REPENT??, and do not ASSUME that you already Know what it Means: beCause, if you did Know, WHY would you still be SINNING? Therefore, Exercise your Spiritual Muscles of Faith, Hope, Trust, Patience, and Love; and STUDY that Booklet: beCause it is Guaranteed to SURPRISE you, as well as Surprise the Reverend DOCTOR Billy Graham, and the Pope of ROME, who also Desperately Need to REPENT before they Perish in their Sins!)

Now, I Hear someone, who is like a Mockingbird with a Long Tale of Sarcastic Lies and Half Truths, chirp: "O Peabrain Peacock, if it were not for your Awesome Tale of Truths and Wisdom, which is contained in more than 300 Inspired Books, which are your Spiritual FRUITS, I would have my Doubts about you being the Man with the Spirit of Elijah: because you also Drive a Gas-hog PICKUP, and you do not Feast on nothing but the Sweet Fruits from the Trees of Life; but, you Live just like most other Hypocritical Americans, who are Overcome by their Dietary Sins: beCause they have Fallen into Various Kinds of Evil Pits, which have been Dug for them by those Capitalist HOGS and Political Rabbits. (See: A List of the EVILS of CAPITALISM! Volumes 1 & 2, for the PROOF!) Yes, you are also Lost in the Darkness of Ignorance, O Peacock: beCause you do not Know the Whole Truth concerning ALL Subjects; but, you are at least Willing to LEARN, which will Prove to be your Salvation from the Prison of Sins; but, only IF you can Manage to Pass Over the TOP of that Great Mountain of the Knowledge of ALL that is Good and Evil, which has that Strait and NARROW Path of Life, which gets more and more Difficult for us to Climb: beCause the Air gets thinner and THINNER, as we go up and UP toward the Throne of the Most High God, whose Pyramid Government is Reserved for the Most Holy Ones, who will Rule with Jesus Christ when he Establishes his Righteous One-World Government over all of the Nations! Yes, he is Coming with POWER and Great Authority in the Dark and Awesome ROLLING Clouds of a FEARSOME Sky, along with tens of thousands of his Holy Ones, who will be Dressed in White Robes, which Symbolize their Righteousness in HOLINESS. (See: What does it Mean to be HOLY??, Why were we Born??, and: What is The KINGDOM of GOD??) Yes, the Master Farmer will Appear in the Dark and Awesome ROLLING Clouds of a FEARSOME Sky, as I said, who will be Riding a Great White Horse, which is Prepared for BATTLE Against all of his Enemies, along with Fiery Flying Chariots that are drawn by Great White Horses, which will put the FEAR OF GOD into your Trembling Bones, O PROUD and BOASTFUL PEACOCK! Yes, you are the BEAST, the Anti-Christ, or the False Prophet, himself, from Angel Ridge, who will be Cast ALIVE into that Lake of Fire and Brimstone, which is Burning Stinking Sulfur, where you will be Thoroughly Punished for Teaching all such LIES as you Teach — such as that Lie about People going to Heaven when they DIE! (See: Do People go to Heaven when they DIE???) Yes, you Know for a FACT that they are all just ASLEEP, even if they are Saints like Peter and Paul: because the Apostle Paul said so. See First Corinthians 15. Moreover, you Teach that Jesus Christ was Born on CHRISTMAS, which is just another Pack of LIES: because he was Born on your own Birthday, which is April 21st! Yes, you also Teach that Jesus Christ arose from the Dead on EASTER Sunday, even though he said that he would be in the Grave for 3 Nights and 3 Days, as it is Revealed in Matthew 12:40, which is the TRUTH! Otherwise, Jesus could not be Trusted! Indeed, three Nights and three Days cannot be Counted from Sunset on Friday, until Sunrise on Sunday! Therefore, you are just a NUT, who should be LOCKED UP in some Nuthouse with that Irreverent LOUDMOUTH Slothgut Windbag Hole-in-his-Head, and with that Irreverent SNAKE, who Wears a Multi-colored Coat of Self-deception and Lies, who Speaks with the Double Tongue of Hypocrisy and Lies, who Teaches the False Doctrine of Infant Baptism, as if little Babies Needed to REPENT and be Baptized! (See: Did Jesus Christ Rise from the Dead on EASTER SUNDAY??, What does BAPTISM Mean??, and: What Makes People HAPPY??) Therefore, may you be Cast Alive into Hellfire, along with your Evil Brother Vern, who Assisted you for 30 Years, in Order that you might Accomplish your Evil Deeds: because he is an Accomplice of your Crimes. Yes, he Helped you to Move more than 13 MILLION Pounds of Rocks and Dirt, by HAND, in Order to Build your 98% Rock Houses, in Order to make a MOCKERY of our Great FALSE ECONOMY, which is the Best Economy in the World! Yes, we are the Richest People who ever Lived, in spite of being more than 120 TRILLION Dollars in Debt to the Friendly Banksters; and we are the Healthiest People, also: because we now Live Longer than Methuselah, and you are the Living PROOF! Yes, you are ELIJAH, himself, who finally Returned from Flying around in Heaven in that Fiery Chariot, which might have been a Flying Saucer or Spaceship from Mount Zion, which is the Holy City of the Great King, which is within the HOLLOW Earth, which is Fortified with Great Stone Walls that are more than 200 feet Tall, which City SHINES with the Glory of God: because only Holy People Live there, including Enoch and all of his City, which was called ZION! Yes, the Master Farmer might Come in his Flying Saucers, and might also Open up the Sky, making it Appear like a GIANT Television Screen in the Sky, whereby everyone Hears the Actors and Actresses Speaking in their own Voices, in their own Native Tongues or Languages; but, I do not Believe it, nor will I ever Believe it: because it is nothing more than a PEACOCK DREAM! Indeed, all of your Uninspired Writings are nothing but NONSENSE, O Peacock: beCause you are nothing but a SCRIBE, even though I will Confess that I do like your Ridiculous Drawings of $wangkee Hotels, Castles, and Fortresses: because they Demonstrate your GROSS Ignorance, since there is NO Foundation in the whole World that could Support such a City as your Imaginary New Jerusalem in the Great State of Flexible Texas, which will Supposedly have 6 Courts, whereby any Person, no matter how Addicted to Drugs or whatever, may Progress from the Lowest Court (Number 1), up to the Highest Court (Number 7), which is MOUNT ZION, itself, where the Good Shepherd went to, in Order to Prepare a Place for those People who might Escape from the Great Tribulation; but, only IF they do NOT Stop Sinning: because only Graceful Sinners will Enter into that Holy Place, even as it is Written in Claptrap 29:49, which is following your New MAGNIFIED Version of the Scriptures! Yes, you have Vainly Imagined that you are some Holy Prophet, who has Come just in Time, in Order to Straighten all of us Out, and to Prepare the Way for the Second Coming of Jesus Christ; but, behold, you are just a FALSE Prophet: because there is NO New Jerusalem in the Great State of Flexible Texas, nor will there ever be one: because the Tenderhearted Sheeps of the Good Shepherd are just too few in Numbers, in Order to Build such a City, much less make such Sacrifices as your Brother Vern and other Friends have made for you, who have Hopes of Ruling with you in The Great World TEMPLE of PEACE, in Jerusalem! Yes, all of you have Worldly Ambitions that make me SICK to my Stomach! For Example, you Plan on making that New Jerusalem in the Great State of Flexible Taxes, at least 200 MILES in Diameter, while Watering it with Distilled Water from the Gulf of Mexico, where you Plan on MINING OUT the Topsoil that has Washed down the Mississippi River into the Louisiana Delta! Moreover, you Plan on making that so-called World Temple of PEACE nearly a MILE TALL and 800 Meters WIDE, which will Seat more than 10 MILLION People at one Time, around a Great Glass-covered Throne for you and 6 High Priests, 60 Wicked Kings, and 600 Perverse Governors, even as you have Revealed within your latest Books, called: What IS the MARK of The BEAST??, and: How GAY is GOD?? Yes, you Plan on PERVERTING the Whole World with your Tale of LIES, saying that everyone should Learn, Believe, Love, and OBEY the New MAGNIFIED Version of The TEN COMMANDMENTS, which is a MOCKERY of God's laws, which the Translators of the King James Version judged as being unworthy to be Capitalized: because the Laws of MEN are above the laws of god, who might be any one of a MILLION gods; but, the God that I Worship is the God of Confusion! Therefore, we Tax Slaves and Interest Slaves Desperately Need to DEMAND the Great Worldwide TELEVISED Court Hearing, so that we might Discover the WHOLE Truth about all of these Important Subjects, rather than Live in the Darkness of Ignorance: beCause, if it is not Necessary to have Taxes, Loans for Usury, and all of the EVIL Things that you Propose to ELIMINATE, in Order to CRASH our Great False Economy, O Peacock, we Need to Learn about it. Yes, if Sicknesses and Diseases are not Necessary, we Need to Learn about it: because none of the Wild Animals have Hospitals, Doctors, Pills, Potions, Lotions, Shots of Puss, various Kinds of MediSINZ, nor BILLS to Pay: beCause they are Truly FREE, 'in word and in deed,' (except for the Pollution of Insane People) even as Jesus Christ was Free, who Came just in Time, in God's Time, in Order to Reveal how that we could also Live that ABUNDANT Life, which Begins with GOOD Health. Otherwise, his Sermons were in VAIN, and his Healing Powers could not be Experienced by US. However, it is written in the Psalms that we should not Forget all of his Benefits, '... who Heals ALL of your Diseases,' '... who Restores your Youthfulness,' so that you might '... run all Day, and not be Weary,' as Isaiah Revealed: because only ANIMALS can Do that, O Peabrain Peacock! Yes, some Animals can even Regenerate Lost Limbs and Tails. For Example, a Skink can Lose his own Tail, and RE-GROW another Tail, which is called REGENERATION, that is, within the Bible, which is Reality for all People who have FAITH in the Truths that can set them FREE from the Prison of LIES; but, ONLY IF they Attend the Hopeless Church of Little Faith on Lonesome Street and Suicide Avenue, which does not Believe in MIRACLES! After all, Human Beings are Supposed to be the Crowning Work of the Master Architect, who Designed us in such a Way that we can Heal ourselves by Submission to his Divine and Natural LAWS. (See: What Makes People SICK??, and: Can Medical Doctors be TRUSTED??) Yes, you must Attend the Unholy Church of Graceful Sinners for at least 40 Years, who DENY the Power of God and the Gifts of the Holy Spirit, who also say that these are NOT the Inspired Words of the Living God. However, only GOD could Inspire the Truth in such a Way that it would Convince even those Hardhearts to RECONSIDER their False Doctrines, and perhaps Crawl around on the Floor in the Darkness of Ignorance while Searching for the KEY of the Knowledge of ALL that is Good and Evil, and even Crawl under their Beds with the Spider Webs, which Key was Lost by that Irreverent SNAKE, whose Main Motive is to get more MONEY: beCause he is a Near Relative of those Greedy Capitalist HOGS, which is why that they Live in the same Filthy Hole in the Ground, you might say, who would Make and SELL any Kind of TRASH that they could, in Order to get more MONEY, even if they had to Sell their own Children into Future Tax Slavery, in Order to Pay Off the DEBTS that they have Accumulated, in Order to Live like Bill Computer Software GATES, Incorporated, who keep Changing the Computer Systems so that they become Obsolete, in Order to SELL more Computers, even though only ONE Good Computer is Needed. Indeed, those Computrids are just like those Automobiles, which are also Designed for Obsolescence: beCause it is more Profitable for the RICH HOGS, who could Care less about us Work Slaves, TAX SLAVES, Insurance Slaves, and INTEREST SLAVES. After all, the Outside Parts of Cars could be Changed from Year to Year; but, why not have all of the Internal Parts Designed in such a Way that they can be Exchanged for other Parts of all Cars: because it is Possible to make just ONE really GOOD Model of a Car, even as all Internal Parts of Human Beings are Interchangeable with other Human Beings of the same Variety and Blood-type? For Example, the 1911 Silver Queen Propane-powered Rolls-Royce Car, which Won the World Race in 1911, is still Running on the SAME Engine: because they Understood HOW to Manufacture a Truly GOOD Car, even away back THEN! Therefore, it is Possible and most Practical to Manufacture ALL Vehicles likewise, in Order that they might Endure the Test of Time, if they are Needed. However, since there is only a 100-Year-Supply of Fossil Fuels left in the Earth for us to Waste, it would be Wise for us to Use it all up within the next 5 Years or so, by putting all of the Chinese and Indians on American-style Freeways, where one must Drive for 10 Miles in one Direction, in Order to Buy a Bag of Poisonous Groceries from the GROSS Grocery Store, which Groceries are Guaranteed to be Grown by the All-Mineral Orgimmick Method of Gardening, and then Drive another 20 Miles in some other Direction, in Order to get a Part for a Rusting Stainless Steel Car, or a Weak Screw for the Lock that Fell Off of the Paper Door of Absentminded Confession, which anyone could Break through, O Peacock, if they had the Faith of an ANT: because it is not like your 3-inch-thick SOLID White Oak Door, which has a 1-inch-thick Stainless Steel BOLT that is Connected to the middle of a ½-inch-thick Stainless Steel Angle Iron that is 4-inches by 8-inches by 8-feet long, which is Buried in Hardened Concrete Walls that are 2 feet THICK, which should at least Detour the Federal Burden of Investigation and the Central Unintelligent Agency CULT Members, who come to your Anti-American Rock House, in Order to Arrest you for your INSANITY, after Sending one of those Stupid Smart Bombs through your Brazilian Agate Windows! (See: Do you Belong to some CULT??) After all, you must have Discovered some New and Exotic DRUG, which has WARPED your Brains, and has even Caused you to Vainly Imagine that all Members of the Federal Burden of Investigation and the Central Unintelligent Agencies are DECEIVED! (See: Are we DECEIVED??, plus: A COWARD'S WAR!, Are you a Spiritual COWARD??, The CRACK in the Liberty Bell and What it Means!, DAVID VS GOLIATH!, and: Why do Terrorists HATE US??) Yes, you Know for a Fact that the Federal Government of the Divided States of United Lies is the Best Government in the whole Cover-up Underworld, which Recruits the most Innocent Young People for such Worthy JOBS, who must Shave Off their Hair, make an OATH of Allegiance to the Constitution of the United States of America, and PROMISE to Lie, Steal, Cheat, Deceive, and even MURDER, if they are Asked to: beCause it is NOT A SIN for Government Officials, including the Military, to MURDER Innocent Wombmen and Children: beCause those Government Officials are EXEMPT from the laws of god, even as King David and Jonathan were Exempt, who Killed those Philistines by the tens of thousands, including Women and Children: beCause god COMMANDED IT, since God Knew that their Spirits could be Born into Israelite Families. (See: Do you Pledge your Allegiance to God, or to a RAG??, How many Times was Jesus Christ REINCARNATED??, What Happens when we DIE??, Is there LIFE AFTER DEATH??, and: Why were we Born??) Therefore, whatever George Bush Incorporated did in the Name of Democracy, Freedom, and Justice for ALL, is OKAY with god: beCause he LOVES Poor George, who has never read the Bible from Cover to Cover so much as ONE Time, who would also Drive the Nails into the Hands of Jesus Christ, if he were Asked to: because we are Supposed to OBEY whatever Authority Figure is set up over US, including Adolf Hitler and Saint Joseph STALIN, whom we Supported during World War II, who had tens of MILLIONS of People put to Death for the Sake of LIBERATION from People like YOU, O Peacock, who would make us all into GARDENERS and Homecraft Workshop IDIOTS, who would no longer get to Breathe all of the Fresh Clean Air in those Noisy Filthy Factories, which would Cause us to WEEP and WAIL for the Great Whore of Revelation 16 through 21. (See: Should there be a WALL of SEPARATION Between Church and State??, and: Should Christians OBEY Whatever Authority Rules Over them??) Yes, we would be DEPRIVED of her Intoxicating Drinks and Drugs, whereby we have become ADDICTED, which would Cause us to Gather ourselves Together into the Valley of Armageddon, where we might have a Great BLOODBATH, in Order to Wash Away all of our SINS: beCause of Refusing to CONFESS them and FORSAKE them! However, I See that some of your Readers have Received all of my Sarcastic Statements that they can Tolerate for one Day: because the Bellies of their Minds are UPSET by the Fruits of Truth, which might even make some of them SICK: beCause they are not Used to Feasting on them; and therefore, by the Grace of God, I am going to SHUT UP!" †§‡§§ Well, O Mockingbird, you did get just a little Carried Away in the Spirit of Sarcasm; but, not without a Good Reason, since the Federal Burden of Investigation will hardly be Able to Tolerate all of these Words, which will keep them at Bay, you might say. After all, the Swangkee Sword of Divine Truth is very Powerful and Fearsome, since it will be Used Wisely, in Order to bring all such CULT Members to TRIAL during the Day of Judgment, when all of the Books are Opened up, along with all of my Inspired Books: beCause the Dead will be Judged According to whatever is Written in the Records of whomever Keeps them! Therefore, all Record Keepers should be Aware of those FACTS, and only Record the TRUTH: beCause the Holy Angels are also Keeping Records: beCause there is nothing Secret that shall not be Revealed, neither now nor later. Therefore, if you Belong to some Government CULT, which Forces you to Shave your Head, raise your Right Hand, and make an OATH of Allegiance to an Anti-Christ FALSE Cover-up Federal Government of any Kind, or even Pledge your Allegiance to some Bloody RAG, you had better be Aware that you are in Danger of being Cast ALIVE into that Place that is like a Lake of Burning Sulfur, which Stinks to the Highest Heaven with Odious Hypocrisy and with the Dead Rotting Flesh of Greedy Capitalist Kings and Queens, who Refuse to Accept a Good Look at themselves in the Mirror of Truth! {See: The Peabrain Peacock Investigates September 11!Do you Pledge your Allegiance to God, or to a RAG??} After all, Murder is still MURDER, no matter HOW you Accomplish it; and God did NOT Command any of you to Murder anyone by any Means, including the Means of those COWARDLY Bombs that are Dropped from Miles up in the Sky: beCause only Spiritual COWARDS would Use such Weapons, as Opposed to taking up their Swords of TRUTH, if it so be that Truth is on their Sides! (See: What does it Mean to MURDER??) Yes, if they were not SPIRITUAL Cowards, they would take up their Swords of Truth, and even Prove me to be WRong; but, behold, their Rubber swords would not Hold Up to my Sharp Swangkee Sword of Truth and Wisdom: because it has been Perfected in the Furnace of Afflictions! Yes, it has also been Tempered with the OIL of JOY, which only I can Fully Appreciate: beCause I did the Writing, while you only Read [Red] or Listened to the "Riiting," for which I have also Invented the Swangkee Phonetic English KEE TQ PROONUNSEEAASHUN, which makes it Possible for any 6-year-old Child to "Lern HOW TQ REED and SPEL awl Werdz within DAAZ, az Upoozd tq MUNTHS uv NONSENS in thu Publik Skql uv Ignerunt FQLZ, and in thee Uuniversoul Kolij uv awlmoost Werthlus nolij," which spells "knowledge" with 4 Unnecessary Letters, namely K, W, D, and E! After all, "Nolij" should at least make SENSE!

Now, I Hear someone, who is like a Yellow Canary, chirp: "O Peacock, I will have to Confess that the Mockingbird who Attempted to put you Down, only made a FOOL of him or herself, except that he or she is NOT a Real Person, like former President George Walking Bush, Incorporated; and therefore, it may be Permissible for you to Refer to such People with what would Normally be considered BAD Language: beCause such a Person is not for REAL. However, I have Noticed that you have Especially Spoken EVIL of our Former President, for whom you are Supposed to PRAY, not Mock: because it is Possible that he might be Converted to the Truth. Therefore, it is Difficult for me to Believe that you are the Man with the Spirit of Elijah: because Jesus never did Mock any Rulers, even though he Referred to King Herod as that 'sly old fox,' and he Referred to those Scribes and Pharisees as SNAKES and VIPERS. (See Matthew 23.) Therefore, I am beginning to get Equally as Confused as that Mockingbird." †§‡ Well, O Canary, that is one of the Reasons that I have Written my Good Books, in Order to Enlighten your Mind about all such Important Subjects. After all, Elijah did some Mocking, himself, when he Mocked the god of BAAL, saying: "... he must be Sleeping, or perhaps he is on a Journey to the Outhouse, or perhaps he Fell into the Hole, and Drowned himself in his own Dung and Piss, ..." — The NMV in Plain English.

Now, I Hear someone, who is like a Butcher, say: "O Peacock, if I could, I would CUT OFF your Ugly Head: beCause you have ADDED LIES to the word of God, which is the BIBLE, which is just ONE Word, which is JESUS, which is the ONLY GOOD book in the whole world. Yes, it is the only book that is worthy of being capitalized: because it is the only book that is inspired by God. Therefore, you must be the anti-Christ, the false prophet, or the beast from Angel Ridge; but, it is for certain that you are not a man of God, or else you would not ADD any Truth to the Bible: because the Apostle Paul said, 'if any man teaches any other gospel, let him be cursed,' which is referring directly to you, O Peacock: because you teach the doctrine of salvation by works. (See: Does God Inspire any Person to Reveal any Truth during these Times??) Yes, you suggest that Noah was Saved by WORKS; but, we know that it was only by the Grace of GOD that he was Saved. (See: How are we Saved by GRACE??) Therefore, you must be the Anti-Christ. (See: WHO is The ANTI-CHRIST??)" †§‡§§ Well, O Butcher, I See the Bloody Clever in your Hand, and I am Sure that you would be more than Happy to Murder me without a Just Cause; but, before you Attempt to Do it, you should Understand that the Holy Bible is not just a Good Book, as it is called; but, it is an EXCEPTIONALLY Good Book, even if much of it is Mythical. However, my New MAGNIFIED Version of it, is an EXTREMELY Good Book with an Overall DIAMOND Rating: because those Mockingbirds and Fools kept SILENT within that Version, while I Revealed NEW Revelations of Truths in it, which you cannot Discover in any other Books on this Earth, except mine! {See: Justifications for Magnifications!} However, in Order to Appease their Demands to be HEARD by the Masses of People, I have Included their Speeches and Childish Questions within my Peacock Literature: beCause they Need to be Answered, even as I have now Answered you. Yes, they MUST be Answered, and be put to SILENCE: beCause this is the END of the Age. (Click here for more Details about HOW you can get your Questions Answered; but, only AFTER you have Studied my Inspired Books: because most, if not all of your Questions, have already been Answered!) Moreover, I have Authority from God to Write his Words of Truth, for which I am Blest with all Kinds of True Riches, while you are Cursed for your Foolishness. Remember that I have not had Influenza, nor been to a Doctor MediSINZ in more than 40 Years, nor have I consumed any Medicines in more than 40 Years, and can Honestly say that I do not have so much as a Little Pain within my entire Body! {See: Who has Authority from God??} Yes, you Suffer with all Kinds of Aches and Pains, while I am Free and Happy! {See: What Makes People SICK??Why does God Allow SUFFERING??, A Sure Cure for DEPRESSION!, Are you Addicted to a WEED??, Can Medical Doctors be Trusted??, Did God Intend for People to Eat Whatever they Want to??, A Sure and Free Cure for PIMPLES!, What is the PUNISHMENT for Dietary Sins??, What Makes People HAPPY??, and: WHY were we BORN??} Make this a very Good Day, and Do ALL that you Know is Right, in as much as you are Able, which might Require a Sacrifice, which might make it Possible for you to Confess ALL of your Sins, and thereby Escape Through the Door of Confession, which is the only Way Out of the Prison of Sins!

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Ray Walter Swangkee