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"Yes, our Forefathers in America Knew the POWERS of Truths, and therefore they Guaranteed to us Americans Freedom of Speech, and of the Press: because they Understood that if the Whole Truth could be Published, the Masses of People would Learn it, and then come to a Righteous Decision concerning what should be Done: because they had Faith in the Powers of Truths." 

— Ray Walter Swangkee

ARE WE DECEIVED?? (Excluding ME, of course!)

Alternate Titles: 
How Long will it be Before the Babies GROW UP??
Who Pulled the Wool Over our Eyes??
Can the Federal Government be Trusted??
Did Willy Wonkey Steal your Donkey??
Are there any Bats in your Belfry??
Proof that Americans are Insane!
Be Sure to Butter the Table before you Spread the Bread!
The Undercover Investigator of the Naked Truth!
What Makes your Brains ITCH??
Did the Doctor Knife Cut his own Throat??
How much will Americans Pay for GAS Before they Wake Up from the Bad American Capitalist Dream??
Should the Little White Backhouse be Cleaned Out now, or later??
Who Burned the Soup??
Is Satan in Charge??
How Long can the Madness go on??
Looking Beyond Money!
Before you Jump Off of the Bridge, Read the Bible Carefully at least one Time!
Poisonous Spiders in Uncle Sam's Underwear!
Just Thank Mob Rulership!
The End of DUMBmocracy!
Con Artists Incorporated!
Butchers in the Bakery!
Can an Empty Bucket Save the Sinking Titanic?
Will President Whomever Solve our Massive Problems?
Can we Tax and Spend our Way Out of Hell?
Did Jesus Christ Foresee the American Nightmare?
Could Jesus Christ Solve our Massive Problems?
Would you Believe the Truth if you Heard it from the Mouth of God?
Will there be a Great Day of Judgment before the End of the World?
Has anyone ever Counted the Number of Problems that Human Beings have, as Opposed to those of Dumb Animals?
Was it Adam and Eve who got us into this Mess, or Satan and Sons, Incorporated??
Why do Horses Wipe with Toilet Paper??
Can Slugs See the Truth, even if Provided with Microscopes and Telescopes?
The Book with the Most Titles of any Book in the World!

There are more than 400+ Different Religions, with thousands of Sub-sects; and more than ten thousand Different Political Parties, Worldwide; and therefore, if any one of them were Exactly Right, then all of the others would have to be WRong! However, it is my Belief that they are all WRong to some Degree, and the Worst of them are Wrong by several Degrees: beCause they have been Greatly Deceived. Therefore, this Inspired Book Reveals HOW that they can get Undeceived! 

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These Deceived People at a Water Park are having "FUN," when they could be having Great Unspeakable JOY!

These Deceived People at a Water Park are having "FUN," when they could be having Great Unspeakable JOY!

Such Great Joy comes from being a Holy Person, who Converses with Holy Angels, who Walks on Air, you might say, who Barely Touches the Ground with his Feet: beCause of being so Strong, Healthy, and HAPPY! Yes, he has Great Peace of Mind, and Converses with All that is Good! Indeed, Moses and Elijah were such Holy Men, who were not Deceived. 

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“O my Son, there is only One Person who is not Deceived in some Way, and he Keeps SILENT!”

“O my Spiritual Daughter, if you Imagine that you are NOT Deceived, you should take a Good Look into the Mirror of TRUTH in your Birthday Suit!”

— Proverbs of the Peacock