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"Now, as you can See, “Scientists” are Beginning to get Worried: beCause the Peabrain Peacock from Angel Ridge, King’s Mountain, Kentucky, has them Pinned Down on the Floor of the Slaughterhouse in a Headlock!" — Does the Earth MOVE?? 


Can News Reporters be TRUSTED??

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A Sad Tale of Regrettable Woes with a Happy Ending!
Would you Trust a News Reporter with your Life??
How Reliable are Bad News Reports??
Did you Hear the Whole Truth about the Evil Events of September 11, 2001??
"PROVE ALL THINGS, while Clinging Tightly to All that is GOOD!"

You have no doubt Listened to Countless News Reports, and have Watched Endless Advertisements for the Trash that keeps the Great False Economy going; but, this Booklet Reveals some Good News that should be Proclaimed from the Housetops by Megaphones: because it tells HOW to Solve many Problems, for which there is a Media BLACKOUT: because it is not in the Interest of those Sensationalists, who are Allergic to Truths, to Historical Facts, and to anything that might Prove US to be WRong, who do not Truly Love our Souls, or else they would Report this same Good News, which is not even Reported within the Holy Bible: because it is New Truth that has been Preserved for our Time, which was Revealed to the Author by the Master Economist, himself. ENJOY! See the Photo of Collapsed Chicken Houses, which Cost 140,000$, each, just to Replace them!

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These Collapsed Chicken Houses did not make Sensational News

These Collapsed Chicken Houses did not make Sensational News

When a 4-inch-thick Ice Storm Struck the State of Arkansas, in 2000 AD, during Christmas Eve, it left thousands of Capitalist Buildings looking somewhat like this Big Mess, which was Barely Mentioned by the Snooze Media: beCause it was not as Sensational as other News at the Time. Moreover, it would become far too Obvious that Capitalism has many Weaknesses, one of which is the Fact that all Roofs of almost all Large Buildings within Eastern United States could have Collapsed during the same Awful Night, under a Foot of ICE, Causing a Physical and Financial Disaster beyond Calculations! Indeed, it is Possible that most, if not almost all, of the People could have Died from it, making the Christmas Earthquake Disaster in Haiti, in 2009, look like a Sunday Picnic!

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“There is a Way that seems to be Right unto certain Fools; but, the End thereof is the Way of Regret with Bitter Tears.” — An Ancient Proverb somewhat Magnified by the Author

“O my Son, before you Believe any Lies that are Reported from the Devil’s Vision, otherwise known as the Television, be Sure to Understand that most News Reports are Sensational, with hardly any Truths, let alone the Great Truths that I Reveal: beCause the Whole Truth would be Bad for the Great False Economy, which might Cause it to Collapse under the Weight of its own Lies!” — A Proverb of the Peacock

"O my Spiritual Daughter, before you Swallow the Whole Capitalist Fish Story, as if it were the Gospel Truth, you should Study the Tale of the Peacock in the Light of Good Understanding, after getting LOTS of Sleep: beCause a Sleepy Mind can hardly be Expected to Comprehend what I have to Teach with a Capital T." (See: Justifications for Capitalizations!) — Another Proverb of the Peacock