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 At least in Greek Mythology, almost everyone Understands that it IS Mythology; but, in Hebrew Mythology, it is written as if it were Historical and Factual, when it is Actually MYTHOLOGY!


Justifications for Capitalizations!

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An Ancient Tradition that was Castrated by Capitalists!
How the Light of the World was Darkened by Satan!
The Deep-seated Bad Effects of Decapitalizing Words!
Was it God who Inspired Capitalizing Words??
Was it Satan who Inspired the Decapitalization of Important Words??
Can Mankind Survive Without a Full Understanding of Important Words??
Could the Lack of Capitalized Words Keep you in an Eternal State of Ignorance??
Would God Capitalize Air, Water, Food, Life, Love, Faith, Hope, Trust, Patience, and Persistence?
Justification of Capitalization!

Many People Imagine that it is some Kind of a SIN for anyone to Capitalize any Important Word, such as People, Kind, Sin, Important, and Word, itself. However, the very Reason that Capital Letters were Invented, was to make us Understand that all such Words have Multiple Meanings. For Example, the Bible uses the words “Earth” and “World” in Reference to both the Land and the People, or the Whole World and the People, and sometimes the Whole Universe; but, the Sunstar is Symbolical of the Chosen Son of God, who is  “the Light of this World,” who has Enlightened the Mind of every Person who has Believed in him and Obeyed his Voice, which is Still Speaking to Humble People who have Spiritual Ears that can Hear, as this Inspired Book Proves, which has an Exceptionally Good Rating.

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A Camel Meditates on Life

A Camel Meditates on Life

This Camel may Appear to be very Weird, or Strange to some People: beCause of not being Familiar with Camels; but, no one on this Earth could Invent nor Design a Creature who is more Appropriately Designed for Living and Thriving in a Desert. Indeed, had NASA Dreamers, and all of the Doctors and Scientists in the World, Combined their Efforts for Designing a more Efficient Creature for Doing what a Camel Does, they could not have come up with anything Better than a Camel, which, like all Creatures, has the Capability of Repairing itself, Free of Charge, and is far more Complicated than any Car, Truck, Train, or Spacecraft. In Fact, the Camel, like the Beaver and the Honeybee, was one of the more Marvelous Creations of Almighty God, who went Out of his Way to make the Camel with Special Abilities, including Extra Eye-winkers for Keeping the Sand Out of his Eyes, the Ability to Close either Nostril and still Breathe during a Sandstorm, the Ability to go for Days at a Time on Long Treks through the Desert without Drinking Water nor Eating Food, the Ability to Walk on the Sand without Sinking into it, as a Horse does; plus many other Special Attributes that make a Camel an Ideal Creature for Helping People to Live and Transport themselves and their Goods through Deserts. However, certain Ignorant People might Prefer to Shave Off the "Ugly Hair" (Wool) of the Camels, and even Decapitate their Humps: beCause of those Humps getting in the Way of Backpacks or Saddles, which might Slow Down Capitalism. Moreover, they might Modify the Camels in other Ways for their own Gain, even as they have Chopped Off the Tails of Sheeps, and Castrated the Bulls for their own Gain: beCause Bull Meat is Tough, and has a "Strong" Flavor; but, that would not make it Right, nor Good for Bulls, who probably Enjoy having Sex as much as any of us. Likewise, the Proper Capitalization of Words is Important for Communicating Messages, Properly: beCause those Strange Words often have Greater Meanings than Meet the Eyeballs of Spiritually Blind People, who cannot Appreciate all such Capitalizations: beCause of being Taught X-amount of LIES and Deceptions within the Public School of Ignorant FOOLS, even as I will Prove by Means of Reason and Logic within this Inspired Book, which also has an Appropriate Amount of Humor for your Entertainment, even as a Camel is a Comical Creature to Watch and Study: beCause God has a Great Sense of Humor!

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“O my Son, if you get Lost in the Darkness of Ignorance, you have no one to Blame except yourself: because the Light of Truth Shines into the Darkness of Ignorance at all Times, even if your Windows of Faith within your House of Love are Covered up with those Dark Curtains of Doubt and Unbelief.”

“O my Spiritual Daughter, the only Way OUT of the Prison of Lies, is to Pass Through the Doorway of Confession, after you Learn the Truth that you Must Confess. Otherwise, you will Suffer Forever in the Prison of Sins, being Spiritually Related with Tricky Lawyers, Deceptive Politicians, Hypocritical Preachers, Misguided Teachers, Sick Medical Doctors, Overzealous Scientists, and other Professional Sinners with Master’s Degrees in Mental Rapeologies!”

— Proverbs of the Peacock