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Should the Ten Commandments be Posted in Public Schools??

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A Surprising Tale of Truth for the Low Court of Supreme Injustices

Many Americans say that the Ten Commandments should NOT be Posted in Public Schools: because there is supposed to be a “Separation between Church and State,” they say. However, that would be like Separating the Heart from the Head, and then Expecting the Body of Good Government to Function Correctly, which would be Impossible: because no Body of Government can Work Correctly, unless the State Listens to the Church: because the Foundation for all Good Societies is Based on the Ten Commandments, without which no Government will long Endure: because, whenever there is a Moral Breakdown in a Society, there is also a Breakdown of the Family, which Produces more and more Criminals, until at Last the Criminals Outnumber the Righteous People, and then that Society is Destroyed: because no one can be Trusted to Keep his or her Words, which Leads to Corruption from the Top to the Bottom of that Society — all for the Rejection of the Laws of the Supreme Ruler. Therefore, Wise People will Remember their Creator, and also Obey his Commandments, even as Jesus Christ MAGNIFIED them: because they are the Lifeblood of a Sound Body of Good Government, which Begins with Good SELF-Government, which mostly Eliminates the Need for Exterior Governments, Taxes, Prisons, and Cruelties of all Kinds.

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2 Blank "Tablets" for the Ten Commandments, to be Posted in a Public School

2 Blank "Tablets" for the Ten Commandments, to be Posted in a Public School
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