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“We are TAXED and RE-TAXED again and again for whatever we Buy and Sell, which is like a LEECH SYSTEM of BAD Government, whereby one Leech Sucks on the Blood of another Leech, until at last everyone is Covered with Bloodsucking Leeches!” source


The Peabrain Peacock Investigates September 11!

Alternate Titles: 
What Brought Down World Trade Center Tower Number Seven?
The "Smoking Gun" is Still Smoking!
Did Larry Silverstein have Something to Do with September 11?
Can the Federal Government be Trusted to Investigate Anything Properly?
What Happened with the 4 Billion Dollars Worth of GOLD Under the World Trade Center Buildings??
The First and Possibly the Greatest Government HOAX of the 21st Century!
How Come the Federal Government is not Willing to Answer my Important Questions?
Who Cut Off the 283 52-inch-thick Steel Columns at 45º Angles every 32 feet in Tower Number 7?
Who Told the News Media to DROP their Investigations of Tower Number 7?
Why do Most Americans not even Know that Tower Number 7 Existed?
How Come ABC's Brian Ross does not Investigate September 11, 2001, since the Case is NOT Closed?
Who Controls and Manages the News Media??
How Long will it Require for Americans and the World to Wake Up and Smell the Smoke??
Have Crashed Airplanes ever Caused their Engines and Passengers to Disappear?
How many TONS of Explosives were Required for Bringing Down Tower Number 7?
Are you Afraid to Learn the Truth about our WICKED Anti-Christ Cover-up Federal Government, which Appears like an Innocent Lamb?
The Peacock Calls for a Great Worldwide TELEVISED Court HEARING!

The Controversy of what Actually Happened during September 11th 2001 is FAR from being Over with. Indeed, According to certain Polls, more than half of the People in New York City Sincerely Believe that our Federal Government not only Knew about the Attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon, in Advance; but, that Wicked Cover-up Government also Assisted in the Attacks! Therefore, this is a Very Serious Subject, which the Colorful Peacock from Angel Ridge makes an Interesting Study by adding his own Sarcastic Sense of Humor with Profound Truths, as well as Inspired Words of Great Enlightenment from the Master Farmer, himself, who is Keeping Scores and Records of all Words and Deeds, who will be the Final Judge of all such Subjects. Therefore, no matter which Side of the Great Controversy that you are on, this Book will Inspire you to take ACTION to bring that False Cover-up Government to TRIAL: beCause Uncle Sam’s Bloody Underwear is now very STINKING and ROTTEN and Filled with Maggots, Germs, and Microscopic Worms!

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The Destruction of the Evidence

The Destruction of the Evidence

These Floppy Disks became Obsolete, like so many other Things in the Modern World; and therefore, I Trashed them, along with all of the Evidence! However, to get Rid of this "Evidence" was no Crime: beCause it was my own Personal Property, which had no Connection with any Major Crime, nor even a Minor Crime, which Evidence could Possibly Solve a Mystery, if there had been a Crime. However, all of the Physical Evidence of the Aftermath of the World Trade Center Disaster in New York City, on September 11, 2001, was of Great Importance: beCause it had not been Conclusively Proven, neither then nor now, that Tower Number 7 was brought Down by the Act of any "Enemy Terrorists": beCause no Airplane Struck Tower Number 7, which came Crashing Down at 5:20 P.M., that same Day, while the other 2 much Taller Towers, 1 & 2, both came Crashing Down during the Morning, within an Hour or so after being Struck by Airplanes! Therefore, what Caused 283 LARGE Hardened Steel Columns and Concrete, covering nearly a whole City Block, being 47 Stories High in Tower Number 7, to all Decide at the very same Instant to Crash themselves within 6.5 Seconds with Clouds of Dust, which would have been the Equivalent of the Sears Tower in Chicago Crashing at 6:30 P.M., that same Day, and some High-ranking "Investigator" in the Federal Government says: "Awe, it was no big deal — it was Caused by Thermal Expansion from the Heat of the Angry People in Chicago"? HUMBUG! No Person in his nor her Right Mind would Believe such LIES. Neither do I Believe that a Free-standing HUGE Well-constructed Steel and Concrete Building, like World Trade Center Tower Number 7, just Decided on its own to Crash itself at 5:20 P.M. on September 11, 2001, and Certainly NOT from "Thermal Expansion," as the Lying Cover-up Federal Government reported, who should be brought to Trial for their High Crimes in Low Places: beCause Construction and Destruction are Scientific Subjects that can be Proven by Scientists, Honest Engineers, and Sincere Architects! Indeed, even a Peabrain Peacock could Prove that beyond any Shadow of a Doubt.   

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“O my Son, before you Accept whatever you Hear or See concerning News Reports, you must Remember that Truth can be Construed, Manipulated, and Perverted by Crafty People who have Ulterior Motives for Power and/or Financial Gain.”

“O my Spiritual Daughter, if it were not Possible to Discover the Whole Truth about any Subject, the God of Justice would have to be Deceived; but, behold, I will Prove otherwise, and I am FAR from being as Wise as Almighty God.”

— Proverbs of the Peacock