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"O my Open-minded Son, Hear my Voice with your Inner Ears, and pay Strict Attention to my Lovable Words of Enlightening Truths: because many Ignorant Fools have ASSUMED that their Vain Traditions are Correct, just beCause they have been used to Following them." — A New MAGNIFIED Proverb of King Solomon 

What is WRong with C-span??

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Are C-span Watchers Ignorant, Stupid, Deceived, or Insane??
Are the Managers of C-span Ignorant, Stupid, Deceived, or Insane??
What is C-span's Washington Journal's Agenda?
What is WRong with the Washington Journal?
A Fascinating Tale of Truth and Wisdom for Sane People who can Remember and Think!

If you have ever Listened to C-span's Washington Journal on the Radio, or Watched their Program on TV, you have probably Noticed certain Weaknesses, which can be so Annoying and Frustrating that most People simply GIVE UP and never Attempt to Call in with their Honest Opinions, even though they would like to. Indeed, many People who do call in are so Intimidated by C-span Hosts, that they are too Nervous to Coherently Speak Correctly, in spite of having a Multitude of Good Thoughts to Share with all of US. In Fact, they often Jump from one Thought to another Thought, and from one Subject to another Subject within the same Sentence: because they Fear that they will be CUT OFF, which is Exactly what Happens to them: because C-span makes FOOLS of them, which is WHY that more Intelligent People do not even Bother themselves to make Calls to the Washington Journal: because they Foresee it coming, since there is Insufficient TIME for them to Express their Thoughts in such a Way that their Listeners might get the Message. Therefore, this Booklet Explains HOW to Avoid those Problems, and to be FAIR with everyone. Indeed, you will be Greatly Surprised!

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A Crowd of People at a Rodeo in Calgary, Alberta, Canada

A Crowd of People at a Rodeo in Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Each of these People no doubt have an Opinion about most Political and Religious Subjects; but, only a few of them would be Avid Book Readers: because less than an Average of 10% of the People Actually Love to Read. Indeed, that would Explain WHY they like to Watch TV, Attend Ball Games and Rodeos, and Listen to C-span: beCause they Obviously do not like to Think.

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“O my Son, get Wisdom, and with all of your getting, get Good Understanding: because you can be Given all Kinds of Knowledge; but, Good Understanding is a Gift from God, which only comes to the Minds of those Honest People who Love and Obey the Truth; and it comes IN AS MUCH AS they Love and Obey that Truth, which is only Justice: beCause Liars and Hypocrites are not Worthy of the Gift of Good Understanding.” — The New Magnified Version (NMV)

"O my Spiritual Daughters, before you put your Feet in your Mouths, as they say, be Sure to Study the Words of People who are Wiser than yourself. After all, Ignorance makes a very Poor Robe of Righteousness for Covering up the Shame of your Nakedness in the Light of Good Understanding." — A Proverb of the Peacock