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"Yes, our Forefathers in America Knew the POWERS of Truths, and therefore they Guaranteed to us Americans Freedom of Speech, and of the Press: because they Understood that if the Whole Truth could be Published, the Masses of People would Learn it, and then come to a Righteous Decision concerning what should be Done: because they had Faith in the Powers of Truths." 

— Ray Walter Swangkee

A Reasonable Solution for Capital Punishment that Everyone can Accept!

Alternate Titles: 
How to get Rid of Prisons and Prison Keepers!
Will Jesus Christ have Prisons when he Rules the World?
How to Overcome Evil by Doing GOOD!
Should the Tax Slaves Support a False Judicial System?

Prince Moses was the First Person to Reveal what is Best for Murderers, Adulterers, Liars, Greedy Hogs, Filthy Dogs, Gluttonous Cows, Stinking Skunks, Porcupine Lawyers, Political Rabbits, Deceptive Preachers, Misleading Teachers, and all People who are Associated with the Evil Empire; but, few People have Actually Studied the Inspired Writings of Prince Moses, who, According to the Bible, Led the Children of Israel Out of Bondage in Egypt, in Order to take them to the Promised Land, which, at that Time, was a Paradise on Earth: because of the Rich Deep Topsoil, Abundance of Rain, and Stone Terraced Gardens, Vineyards, and Orchards. However, within 2,000 Years, it was turned into another “Hell on Earth,” as they say: because certain People Chose to do Evil with that Good Land. Likewise, America was once a Blest Place to Live and Work; but, now it has been turned into another “Hell on Earth” with Pollution, Poverty, Crime, Greed, Lust, and you Name it. Nevertheless, this Inspired Booklet Reveals HOW to Solve our Massive Problems, including the Problem of Capital Punishment, which will just be Automatically Solved when we Do what is Right for all of US.

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Potential Criminals!

Potential Criminals!

I am Sure that these Sheeps have never Thought of Murdering anyone, let alone Building some Prison to put one of themselves into it; but, I call them "Potential Criminals," because it is only Necessary for the Anti-Christ Federal Government to make up another "law" that "Criminalizes" them! 

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“He who Sheds a Man’s Blood in the Act of Murder, so that he Dies, the Murderer’s Blood shall be Shed by Mankind: because Mankind was Created in the Image of God, who is both the Creator, the Supreme Ruler and Chief Judge; and therefore, only God has the Right to Kill or Destroy a Man, or to ask someone else to Kill for him: because he Created him.” — Genesis 9:6, The New MAGNIFIED Version (NMV) in Plain English, for Wise People who Desire to Understand the Whole Truth