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“If it is not taught by our Church, I do not Believe it,” says the Unbeliever. However, the Reincarnation of Jesus Christ and others is found in the Bible, and here is the Proof! source

A Reasonable Solution for the ENERGY CRISIS!

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What would Jesus Christ Do in Order to Solve the ENERGY CRISIS?
Why are People so Stupid?
How we can All Help to Solve the Energy Crisis!
Is the World Really Running Out of Energy?
There is an Abundance of FREE Energy!
The Untapped Energy Supply!
Nature's ENDLESS Energy Supply!
Natural Clean Abundant Energy!

An Abundance of Cheap Energy is what Powered American Capitalism to the Heights of its "Glory," whereby some Foolish People still Imagine that it might be Possible for ALL People on the Earth to "Prosper," even as WE have "Prospered," whereby a Handful of Americans are Extremely Rich with Vain Things that they never Actually Needed, while the Vast Majority of People in the World are Wondering where they will Discover the next Dollar for a Pint of Gas, or for a Loaf of Devitalized Capitalist Bread, or just a Cup of the Cold Clean Water that Jesus Christ talked about. Indeed, there is more and more Demand for Limited Resources, Worldwide: beCause of the Population Explosion, and beCause Poor People are Sick of their Poverty, which Poverty is CAUSED by a LACK of ENERGY! Therefore, should we Exploit the Last Gallon of Oil and Natural Gas from the Earth, just to TRY to Maintain an Insane American Lifestyle, which is Destined to FAIL; or, should we Search for a Superior Lifestyle, whereby we can ALL become Moderately RICH, Forevermore!!??

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It is Possible for this to be an Electric Car

It is Possible for this to be an Electric Car

This is an Antique American Gas-hog Car at a Parade, which is a Preview of Things to Come, when the only Gas-hog Cars will be in Parades, and not on the Highways for Transportation: beCause they are just Abominations in the Nostrils of Jesus Christ, who would Banish them! 

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“I will Come Near to you for Judgment, O Children of Israel; and I will be a Swift Witness Against Druggeries, Against Adulterers, Against Perjurers, and Against those Greedy People who Exploit Wage Earners, Widows and the Fatherless, and Against those Self-deceived People who Turn Away the Aliens: because those Wicked People who Exploit such People do not Fear me, says the Supreme Ruler of Great Armies, who will have their Heads Removed with my Sword of Truth.” — Revised and Magnified New King James Version of Malachi 3:5