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When Capitalism has been Stripped Naked by her own self, she will Discover in the Light of Truth that she was just an Old Whore to begin with, and that all of her Lovers have Forsaken her: because she STINKS!

— Ray Walter Swangkee

A Reasonable Solution for the IMMIGRATION PROBLEM!

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What Should be Done for the Poor People who Migrate to the Divided States of United Lies??
Why Should the Innocent Victims of "ICE" have to Suffer for the Sins of Uncle Sam??
Just how Bloody is Uncle Sam's Dirty Cover-up Bloody Underwear??
What does the Bible say to Do for Aliens?

Tens of thousands of Poor People have Died, while millions of others have Suffered in Various Ways while Trying to get into the United States of America, in Order to Improve their Standard of Living, or perhaps just to Survive; and most of those People who have made it, have Suffered with Oppression, Low Wages, Tax Slavery, Interest Slavery, Insurance Slavery, Social Security Slavery, Unjust Fines, and so on. Nevertheless, just Exactly HOW to Solve such an ENORMOUS Immigration Problem is a Question that only King Solomon or one of his Near Relatives could Answer: because of all of the Complications that are Involved. For Example, there are so-called “Illegal” Mexicans in the United States, who have so-called “Legal” Children, who were Born here. Therefore, if the Parents should be Deported, what should be Done for their Children?? Moreover, According to the Scriptures, what is God’s Viewpoint concerning this Subject?? The Answers to those Questions, and many more, are found within this Inspired Booklet, which should be Studied by all Immigrants, whether or not they are Legal or Illegal.

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These 2 Innocent Potential Victims of Future Tax Slavery are in for Great Surprises!

These 2 Innocent Potential Victims of Future Tax Slavery are in for Great Surprises!

When you are Young and Unaware of the BEASTLY Government, which Appears like a Lamb, and Speaks like Satan, you would Naturally not Know just how CRUEL such a Government might be; but, after your Parents get Deported, leaving you in the Care of Concerned Relatives and Friends, you are Naturally in a State of Shock, which has been the Case for tens of thousands of Hispanic Americans! 

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“And I will come near you for judgment; I will be a swift witness against sorcerers, against adulterers, against perjurers, against those who exploit wage earners and widows and the fatherless, and against those who turn away an alien because they do not fear Me,” says the Lord of hosts. — New King James Version of Malachi 3:5

"And I will come near to you for Judgment, O Nation of Lying Hypocrites; and I will be a Swift Witness against all Druggerers, against Adulterers, against Perjurers, and against those Greedy People who Exploit Wage Earners, Widows, and Orphans; yes, their Wicked Government even turns away the Poor Aliens, and makes Slaves of those who do manage to Enter into their Country: because they do not Fear me, says the Supreme Ruler of Great Armies, who will raise up an Enemy against them, and will Cause the Rain to STOP, and then we will See WHO Controls the Economy, and what the Foxes and Snakes will be Able to Do about it! Yes, then we will Discover WHO Prospers, and who is turned into Hell, says the Master Farmer." — The New MAGNIFIED Version (NMV) in Plain English for Wise People who Fear God, who should Demand JUSTICE for ALL People, Worldwide! After all, there is only ONE World, and we all Breathe the same Air, which is the most Vital Thing for Giving LIFE! Therefore, it is Time that we get our Priorities in ORDER!, and begin to Cooperate with each other, before the WRATH of Almighty God is Poured Out on US!