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“A Wise Man Seeks True Knowledge, and a Man of Good Understanding Searches Out the Truths concerning all Important Subjects; but, an Ignorant Fool only Studies his own Face in the Mirror, looking for the Beauty of it, as if he made it; or, as if his Mother Created it, for which he Imagines that he should be very Proud of it, instead of only being Thankful to God for it: beCause he could have been Born in that very Ugly Body over there in the Land of Idiots, where they Smoke Weeds, and Eat with Dogs and Hogs.”&

— Ray Walter Swangkee

A Reasonable Solution for the SOCIAL SECURITY PROBLEM!

Alternate Titles: 
A Reasonable Solution for Social INSECURITY!
How Hardworking People can Retire like Rich People at the Age of 40!
How to take Advantage of Tools, which make it Possible for everyone to become Moderately Rich!
Secrets the Federal Government does not Want you to Learn!

Social Insecurity is such a BIG Problem in the Divided States of United Lies, that many books have been written about it; but, no Reasonable Solution seems to be Presented within those books, according to the Experts: because their solutions are not Inspired by God, who alone has a Reasonable Solution for that Massive Problem, which is Presented within this Inspired Booklet for Wise People who Desire to AVOID the Financial Calamity that is Destined to come: beCause of the SINS of Politicians.

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Brother Vern and Uncle John Carpenter

Brother Vern and Uncle John Carpenter

These 2 Characters have done far more Work than most Americans, and yet they are Expected to Live on less than 500$ per Month for Social Insecurity Pay! 

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“O my Son, before you Bite the Bait on the Long Government Fishing Line of Lies, you should Understand that the Federal Government has nothing to Give that it did not first of all Take Away from the Tax Slaves and Interest Slaves.”

O my Spiritual Daughter, just think of how Wealthy you could have been in all Ways, if you had Learned and Obeyed the Great Truths that I have Revealed, when you were just 16 Years Old! Yes, you could have been Healthy, Wealthy, and Wise; but, now you are a Victim of Government Lies, who has been Guaranteed Future Insecurities.”

— Proverbs of the Peacock