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"Yes, our Forefathers in America Knew the POWERS of Truths, and therefore they Guaranteed to us Americans Freedom of Speech, and of the Press: because they Understood that if the Whole Truth could be Published, the Masses of People would Learn it, and then come to a Righteous Decision concerning what should be Done: because they had Faith in the Powers of Truths." 

— Ray Walter Swangkee


Alternate Titles: 
"Who can Fight Against the Beast, and Win?" -- Revelation
Judgment on the Old Whore!

David and Goliath were 2 very Symbolical Characters in Ancient Hebrew History, who came Face to Face with Mutual Hatred for one another; and Humble David put Out the Lights of Proud Goliath, who Boasted in his Size and Strength, who Trusted in his Weapons of War; but, David put his Trust in the God of Israel, even as I put my Trust in him, and Wrote this Inspired Book, which Magnifies the Words of the Bible in Plain English, in Order that everyone might Understand WHO is Symbolical of Goliath, and HOW he will come to an End!

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How is Vern with his Roto Tiller Supposed to Compete with Huge Tractors??

How is Vern with his Roto Tiller Supposed to Compete with Huge Tractors??

The Huge Tractor also only Requires ONE Operator, who can Plow up a thousand Times more Land within the same Time, with much less Effort than Vern must use for Tilling up this small Patch of Ground. 

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“O my Son, David was just a Teenage Boy when he Killed the Giant Goliath, who was also Prepared to Kill his 4 Brothers, all of whom Symbolized the Giants of Today, whom I will Slay with the Swangkee Sword of Divine Truth!” — A Proverb of the Peacock 

“O my Spiritual Daughter, just when you Think that you have Heard the Best Literature of the Peacock, you are taken by Surprise by even Better Literature!” — Another Proverb of the Peacock