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"O little Children, no one's Life is Long Enough to Learn ALL of the Necessary Lessons for Perfecting one's Soul during one Lifetime, even if it is a hundred Years Long, and many People Die at Birth. Therefore, by the Wisdom and Mercy of God, we have been Given more than one Lifetime to get ourselves Perfected for either Good or Evil, which is also According to the Law of Justice, which Demands a Great Judgment Day; but, only after we have been Given Freedom to Choose how to Live and Think and Act and React, for at least a thousand Years!

— Ray Walter Swangkee

How Working People can PROSPER and Live in PEACE, under the Rulership of a RIGHTEOUS King!

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What would you Do, if you were the Elected King?
What I would Do, if I were the Elected King!
What would Jesus Christ Do, if he were the Elected King?
What Jesus Christ would Do, if he were the Elected King!
What Jesus Christ Will Do when he is Appointed and Anointed to be our Righteous King!
A Tale of Enlightenment by The Great White Workhorse!

There is a Way that Appears to be Right to a Deceived Nation of Ignorant Fools: because they are Deceived by their False Riches; but, the Right Way for People to PROSPER and to Live in PEACE, is to Do what is Right According to the Divine Laws of the Supreme Ruler, which might seem to be Contrary to the Nature of Mankind: because such Unalterable Laws and Flexible Rules Require LOVE, FAITH, HOPE, TRUST, OBEDIENCE, PATIENCE, and All that is GOOD; but, given Enough Time, the Sword of Truth will Win the Battle, and the Lies will Die: because the Great King is Surely Coming, and his Righteous Kingdom will Endure Forever! Moreover, he will Defeat all of his Enemies by Means of the Sword of Truth that comes out of his own Mouth; and this little Book is just a Glimpse of HOW that will be Done: because it also Exercises that Swangkee Sword of Divine Truth, which is very Sharp and Powerful; and so Powerful that no one Challenges it: because they cannot Prove it to be Wrong!

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The Perfect Form of Good Government is a PYRAMID Government, whose Chief Cornerstone at the Top is GOD!

The Perfect Form of Good Government is a PYRAMID Government, whose Chief Cornerstone at the Top is GOD!

A Malachite Pyramid from Zaire, Africa, surrounded by an Agate Necklace from India.

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“O my Son, let those Foolish People who Despise Kings and Queens take Good Heed to Remember that ONLY True Kings and Queens will have Positions within the KINGDOM of God: because it is Composed of Obedient Kings and Submissive Queens who are Qualified by their Godly Characters to be within that Holy Kingdom, not because they Obtained it by Flattering Lies and Empty Promises, as do Dimwitcrats and Reprobates in the Divided States of United Lies!

“O my Spiritual Daughter, be Patient, the End of your Test of Faith has not yet Come; but, it will Come, and you will be Glad that you Endured without Doubt unto the End.”

—  Proverbs of the Peacock