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“The very same Cold Chilly Wind that Refreshes and Comforts the Hardworking Person, is the very same Cold Chilly Wind that makes the Slothful Person feel Miserable and Uncomfortable. Likewise, the very same Inspired Words of Provable Truth that Refresh and Comfort the Righteous Person, are the very same Words that make the Unrighteous Person feel Miserable and Uncomfortable. Yes, those Words even seem to Threaten such a Person, which can make that Person Do Strange Things — even unto the Point of Murdering the Most Righteous Person who Lives.” source

The CRACK in the Liberty Bell and What it Means!

The Crack in the Liberty Bell is very Symbolical within the Mind of any Person who has Studied American History, which is more Thoroughly Explained within this Inspired Book, so that even Children can Understand it. However, there are certain Politicians who might Deny the Truth of it: beCause they keep making the Crack DEEPER and WIDER! Nevertheless, all Honest People, who do not have their Heads STUCK in one or the other of those 2 Stinking Holes in the Little White BACKHOUSE, in Washington, District of Criminals, will have to Agree with me that it has been a Long Time since we have Heard the Liberty Bell Ring with True Freedom, and Justice for ALL!

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06. A Closer View of the Crack in the Liberty Bell, with Explanation

06. A Closer View of the Crack in the Liberty Bell, with Explanation

The Old Bell has been thoroughly Waxed, inside and out, in order to Preserve it "Forever," even though "Forever" is a very Long Time, and no one but God knows for Sure what a Day will bring forth, let alone another Revolution. After all, the Tax Slaves and Usury Slaves and Insurance Slaves and Work Slaves are about to write and sign a New Declaration of Independence. (See the Link below.)

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“O my Son, Liberty is the Freedom to Do whatever is Right and Good for yourself and others, including the Whole Earth, which Liberty comes from Learning, Believing, Loving, and Obeying the Divine Laws of the Creator and Supreme Ruler.”

“O my Spiritual Daughter, if you Desire to have True Liberty, you must Learn, Believe, Love, and Obey the Superior Laws of the Master Farmer, who alone can Liberate us from the Prison of Sins, and the Punishment thereof.”

— Proverbs of the Peacock