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“If it is not taught by our Church, I do not Believe it,” says the Unbeliever. However, the Reincarnation of Jesus Christ and others is found in the Bible, and here is the Proof! source

The Great Worldwide TELEVISED Court Hearing!

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How to Get FAIR WAGES!
How to Discover the Whole Truth!
How to Bring High-Ranking Criminals to Court!
How to Guarantee a Good Future for the Great Grandchildren!
How to Bring Babylon to an End!
How to Bring Confusion to an End!
That Great Meeting of the Intelligent Minds!
The Greatest Idea since the Invention of the Electric Light!

Since the Beginning of Recorded History, there has never been a Great Worldwide Televised Court Hearing: because, until this Age, it was not even Possible: beCause of not having Modern Means of Communications; but, now it is most Practical for Solving all Kinds of Massive Problems, for which there are Reasonable Solutions, even if the Lady Doubtfulness does not Believe it, which Desperately Need to be Presented to all of the Honest People in the entire World: so that they can Decide whether or not they Want to Adopt those Reasonable Solutions, or Continue on Living like Prostitutes, who must Sell their Souls to the Devil, just to Earn a Living; who Know that they are Contributing Unnecessary Pollution to the Earth in Various Forms, whereby they are Forced to be Hypocrites, just to Earn a Living; who Feel that they must Cheat concerning their Taxes, just to Survive, which makes them like Thieves, Liars, and Deceivers, which they do not Want to be; whose Innocent Children become Legalized Murderers for the Bloodthirsty Warmongers, and Criminals of all Kinds, just to Survive in such an EVIL System, whereby Voting is as Powerless as Farting into the Wind! Indeed, the Masses of People have already Tried that, and Given UP, who would no Doubt much rather become Moderately RICH, like ME; and also Retain their Innocence, and be True to their Religious Beliefs; but, being Tax Slaves, Interest Slaves and Insurance Slaves of an Evil Capitalist Empire, they are Caught in a TRAP, with only ONE WAY OUT, which is to DEMAND that Great Worldwide TELEVISED Court Hearing, by Means of PETITIONS to the Congress of the United States of America, at which Time all of the Leaders of the World will be Kindly Invited to Come Together and Answer our Important Questions, in Order to Discover whether or not Tax Slavery, Insurance Slavery and Interest Slavery, for Example, are Necessary, as well as Hurricane, Flood, Tsunami, Tornado, Fire, War, and Earthquake Disasters, such as they Experienced in Haiti, Iran, Japan, China, and in the Philippines, which could be even Worse in the Divided States of United Lies! Indeed, this Inspired Book PROVES that such Slavery and Disasters are NOT Necessary, and should be Prevented and Abolished, at least for those Wise People who Want to Escape from such Evils, who Want TRUE Freedom, Liberty, and Justice for ALL Righteous People, Worldwide: beCause People have Suffered Long Enough! However, if you have not Personally Suffered Long Enough to Agree with me about all of that, then you Deserve to be Branded with the Mark of the Beast! Moreover, everyone in the World Deserves GOOD $wangkee Wages for Doing GOOD Works! Therefore, if anyone is Living in Fear, or is Unemployed, Poor, or otherwise Depressed by the Great False Economy, that Person should Especially be Interested in what this Inspired Book has to Teach: beCause, by the Grace of God, I Intend to bring this Madness to an END!

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The FLAG or SIGN of the New RIGHTEOUS One-World GovernMINT!

The FLAG or SIGN of the New RIGHTEOUS One-World GovernMINT!

 This is Ray Walter Swangkee's Flag or Sign for the New Righteous One-World Government. The Red Border Symbolizes the Blood that will not have to be Shed, if we all Accept the Truth; or, the Blood that will have to be Shed, if we Reject the Truth, as in the Case of the Civil War, or Uncivilized Murder. The White is for Light and Enlightenment, which Reveals the Truth. The Blue is Symbolical of Hope and Peace. The Green is for the Works of People. The Sun is Symbolical of Jesus Christ, who is the Light of the People of the World. The World is Governed by 7 Great Angels, which are Symbolized by 7 Great Stars. The Moon is Symbolical of Satan, the Devil, the Deceiver, the Chief Liar, and the Father of all Evils, who is a False Reflection of the True Light, who does most of his Works during the Darkness of our Ignorance. The Golden Pyramid is Symbolical of the Government of God, whose Chief Cornerstone is at the Top, which Symbolizes the Most High Ruler, or Supreme Ruler of a Righteous Kingdom — not a DUMBmocracy. The Open Book Symbolizes the Knowledge of All that is Good and Evil, which includes the Bible; but, also any Book that contains Truth and Wisdom that People Need to Learn. The Tree of Life Bears 12 Different Kinds of Sweet Fruits, and Yields a Different Fruit each Month of the Year. The Balance of Justice Balances on the Sword of Truth. Therefore, without Truth, there is no Justice. The Words are written in Swangkee Phonetic English, which has one Way to Spell one Sound each Time. The Words on Top, read: Law, Order, Obedience, Peace, and True Prosperity. The Words on the Bottom, read: Love, Light, Knowledge, Truth, Wisdom, Freedom, and Justice. Therefore, if we Want Justice, we MUST Hear the WHOLE Truth, whatever it is; and, the ONLY Way to Do that is to Hold a Great Worldwide TELEVISED Court HEARING!

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“And the Lion, whom you saw rising up out of the Woods, and Roaring, and Speaking to the Eagle, and Rebuking her for her Unrighteousness with all of the Words that you have Heard — this is the Anointed one, whom the Highest Ruler has kept in Store for them and for their Wickedness, until the End of the Age. Yes, the Lion shall Reprove them, and shall Upbraid them for their Cruelties: because he will set them in front of him, Alive, for Judgment, and shall Rebuke them, and Correct them for their Wrong Doings; and the Remainder of my People shall he Deliver with Mercy, even those who have been Preserved along my Borders, and he shall make them Joyful, until the coming of the Day of Judgment, whereof I have Spoken to you from the Beginning. This is the Dream that you saw, and these are the Interpretations.” — 2nd Esdras 12:31—35. (See: Justifications for Capitalizations!, and: Justifications for Magnifications!)