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“Well, O Turtle, with a Hard Shell like you Carry around with you, it is Doubtful that any Truth will Penetrate it.” source

The Little White BACKHOUSE!

Alternate Titles: 
The Big White OUTHOUSE!
The Capitol Building on DUNGHILL!
The Seat of The BEAST!
The Throne of Demonocracy!
With Freedom, Liberty, and Justice for NONE!

Otherwise known as The Big White OUTHOUSE, is the Capitol Building in Washington, DC, which has long been the Headquarters of Diabolical Sins Against Humanity, which are otherwise known as Uncle Sam’s Bloody Underwear: because his Political and Military Sins are Covered Up by a Colorful Cloak of Hypocrisies and Lies, some of which are Uncovered by this Fascinating Book, which should be Mandatory Reading in all Public and Private Schools: because it is very Enlightening to the Mind that has not yet been Thoroughly Brainwashed with Government LIES, which can be Discovered in almost any Public LIE-brary — such as the President Kennedy Assassination Cover-up, the Moon Landing HOAX, the 9/11 Cover-up, and the Greatly Exaggerated Jewish Holocaust, for which I Offer a ONE-MILLION-DOLLAR REWARD to anyone who can Prove my Words of Truth to be WRong, According to Reason and Logic, According to the FACTS, and According to the SCRIPTURES, which just Happen to Support my Beliefs — one of which is the Fact that Governments can be and should be Operated without Taxes and Tax Masters: because Tax Slavery and Usury Slavery are Equally as BAD, or perhaps even Worse than being Mentally and Spiritually RAPED in the School of Fools!

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043. Looking at the Big White OUT-HOUSE from the SINator's End of it, with a long Explanation

043. Looking at the Big White OUT-HOUSE from the SINator's End of it, with a long Explanation

The Little White Backhouse, or Public Outhouse, is Symbolical of that Filthy STINKING Place in Government, on the Capitol Dunghill, which has the 2 Odious Holes for the Dimwitcrats and Reprobates to Squat on, which Stinks from the Top to the Bottom with Fresh Political Donkey Dung and Ancient Elephant Droppings, which would make any Normal Person SICK, just to go into it with Tall Rubber Boots on: beCause it is Deliberately Arranged by Satan, himself, for Maintaining the EVIL Capitalist Empire, which has Financially Enslaved the Masses of People, Worldwide, who have been Seduced by Flattering LIES and Promises of DEMOCRACY, whereby the Masses of People are Supposed to be Able to Elect their Representatives, and even the President of Political Rabbits, whom they Willingly Choose to Send to that Little White Backhouse on Pennsylvania Avenue, in the District of Criminals! Yes, the Majority of Americans still Believe that they are FREE, and that they Live in "the greatest nation on earth," which does not even Capitalize EARTH, Sun, Moon, Stars, and Important Things like Faith, Hope, Love, Trust, Patience, and Freedom, which Nation is so Great that it has more than 18 TRILLION Dollars-worth of Federal DEBTS and some 600 TRILLION Dollars-worth of Obligatory Debts for the Future, which the Great Grandchildren are Supposed to LOVE and Pay Off. However, what would Presidents George Washington, John Adams, Thomas Jefferson, Thomas Pain, Doubting Thomas, and Benjamin Franklin have  to say about all such Things? Well, my Guess is that they would all be First in Line to Sign one or all of my PETITIONS to the Congress of the Divided States of United Lies! Yes, they would all Agree with ME that this Madness with a Capital M has gone on Long Enough, with a Capital L and E!

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“O my Son, get Wisdom, and with your Wisdom get Good Understanding: because, without Good Understanding, the Rider on the Wild Ass is not Superior to his Ass; but, he is only being Carried about by a Beast without a Restraining Bridle.”

"O my Spiritual Daughters, a Good Government is Loved by Righteous People, who Gladly Support it: beCause of the Good Things that it does for them; but, an Evil Government is Hated by almost everyone, except for Criminals in High Places, who should be Arrested and brought to Trial for their High Crimes at The Great Worldwide TELEVISED Court HEARING!"

“O my Spiritual Daughter, get Wisdom, and with your getting, get Good Understanding with Humble Submission: because, without Submission, there is no Peace in any Family: because Men are Naturally Dominating, while Wombmen and Children are Naturally Submissive; and without that Balance of Nature, there is no Peace nor Happiness in any Family.” — Proverbs of the Peacock

— Proverbs of the Peacock