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“Believe it or not, this World is set up in an Order, in Order to get as much of your Money as Possible.” source

— Ray Walter Swangkee

Are you ADDICTED to a WEED?

Alternate Titles: 
Does Nicotine Throw you into a Fit?
Why is the Most Addictive Weed on Earth LEGAL??
Would Jesus Christ Smoke Cigarettes?
How Long will the Hypocrites Rule??

Hundreds of millions of Deceived People are ADDICTED to Tobacco and other Drugs for Various Reasons, as well as all Kinds of Foods and Drinks, which are Unnatural for People to Consume; but, HOW to Overcome such Addictions is the BIG Question within the Minds of those People who are Hooked, like Fishes that have been Caught by the Devil, who are now Dangling on his Lines, so to speak, who have even Lost their Willpower and Desire to Overcome such Addictions. Nevertheless, this Special Booklet Reveals Ancient Truths, which have the Power and Wisdom, in Order to set us Free from all Addictions, when we PRACTICE those Great Truths. May you also Succeed.


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Are you ADDICTED to a WEED??

Are you ADDICTED to a WEED??

Why would this Obviously Healthy-Looking, Handsome, Intelligent-Looking Young Man Want to Destroy his Good Health for the Sake of Smoking a Stinking, Polluting, Poisonous, and ADDICTIVE Cigarette??

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“O my Son, before you Trade your Good Health and True Happiness for a Trick of the Devil, Remember that the Wild Deer and Undomesticated Antelope can Leap right over your Head, and none of them have Doctor nor Hospital Bills, let alone Taxes, Insurance, and Interest Payments on Loans: because they are Free in all Ways, in the same Sense that Jesus said, 'You shall Learn the Whole Truth, and the Whole Truth will make you Free in all Ways when you Practice it; but, only IF you Learn the WHOLE Truth, which you can Learn from me.' — The New MAGNIFIED Version in Plain English for Wise People who are not Hypercritical.”

“O my Spiritual Daughter, before you Trade your Peace of Mind — and the Hope that your Children might be Healthier than you — for a Stinking Cigarette, Remember that God Blesses those Honest People who Respect and Love his Laws of Life, which he has Given to us for our Benefit, both for now and Forever.”

— Proverbs of the Peacock