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"Remember that every House of Love is Built on a Solid Foundation of Divine Truths; and, without Truths, there is no True Love. Indeed, Truth is the Glue that Holds us Together, which Explains WHY most People are not very well Glued to Politicians, Medical Doctors, Lawyers, Judges, Bankers, nor other 'Officials' with Masters Degrees in Mental Rapeology, who are Basically just LIARS, Deceivers, Tricksters, and HYPOCRITES!" 

— Ray Walter Swangkee


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The Peacock's RULES for FASTING!
How to Bypass Medical Doctors and Unsanitary Hospitals!
Nature's One and ONLY Sure Cure!
The Source of almost all Diseases is an Accumulation of FILTH, which can only be Thoroughly Removed by Means of Fasting!
How to Save all of your Precious Organs, which Unenlightened Medical Doctors would put into Garbage Cans!
Ancient Scriptures that Relate with Fasting

Most People in this World have probably missed a few Meals, now and then; but, only a Small Percentage of People have ever done much Fasting: because, unless they are Forced to do it, they have no Desire to do it — that is, until they read about Moses, Elijah, Daniel, Jesus Christ, Peter, Paul, John, and many other Saints, who Practiced Fasting and Praying, who had Power with God in Order to Do all Kinds of Miracles, which these Modern Disciples cannot Do: because they have not Followed the RULES for FASTING! Indeed, they would LIKE to have the Power of God, in Order to Raise up the Dead — such as Former President Abraham Lincoln — for Example; but, they are as Powerless as most of us Chickens and Cowards, you might say, who are Patiently Waiting for the Man with the Spirit of Elijah to RETURN; and behold, he is now HERE! Yes, this Inspired Book Proves it beyond any Doubt: because of its Words of Truth, which no one has Proven to be Wrong.

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OBESITY is a Common American Challenge

OBESITY is a Common American Challenge

 This Obese Man is no doubt very Hungry, being Starved near unto Death for Necessary Vitamins, Minerals, and Enzymes from Natural Fruits and Vegetables, which have been Grown by the All-Mineral Organic Method of Gardening. Yes, he is probably also Starved for Love and Affection, which is a Basic Necessity of Life; and you can See that he is very Unhappy, since he cannot Run nor Play with the Deer and Antelope. Therefore, what is the American Health Care Plan going to do for him? Can we Tax ourselves Enough to Cure him? Or, will he have to Change his own Mind and Lifestyle, after becoming Thoroughly Disgusted with himself?

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“Therefore, having those Promises, dearly Beloved — that God's Holy Spirit will Live within us, and that we will be called his Chosen Sons and Beloved Daughters — let each of us Cleanse ourselves from all Filthiness of the Flesh and Spirit, perfecting Holiness in the Fear of the Supreme Ruler of this World, who is the Most Holy One of all, in whose Image each of us were first Created in the Beginning with a Spirit, and then with a Body in more Recent Times, being Descendents of Adam and Eve, which Body is the Temple of God, which, if I Defile, I shall be brought into Judgment: because the Temple of the Supreme Ruler is supposed to be Holy, or Clean, and the Holiest Place of all is supposed to be my Mind, which I must not Defile with Evil Thoughts: because such Evil Thoughts will give to me an Evil Appetite, even as the Children of Israel Lusted after Flesh in the Wilderness, and the Supreme Ruler gave to them all of the Flesh that they could Eat, until at last they were Struck Down with a Great Plague. {See Numbers 11 and Psalm 78, in the King James Version [KJV], or in whatever Version that you like: because the Message is just the same in any Version, and the Lesson is still True for all of US, who might also be struck down with some Great Plague: because of being too Fat}. Therefore, let no Person Allow an Evil Thought, nor a Longing Desire for that which is Forbidden, into his or her Mind: because he or she will be Punished for it, even if he or she is Rewarded by a Self-inflicted Punishment at his or her own Table of Lust. Therefore, keep your Mind on All that is Good, and you will be Given an Appetite for that which is Good for you, which is Symbolized by the Sweet Fruits from the Tree of Life, which is found in the Paradise of Happiness, in the Blest Land of Perfect Oneness, where the little Birds of Cheerfulness are Singing in your Soul, you might say, and the Fragrant Flowers are Blooming in the Garden of your Life. Yes, you shall Walk with God in a Steady State of Perfect Peace, and you shall be Filled with the Oil of Joy: because of Feasting on the Sweet Fruits of Truth and Wisdom.” — The New MAGNIFIED Version (NMV) of Second Corinthians 7:1, in PLAIN English.

“Except a Man should Humble himself by Means of Fasting and Praying, until he becomes like an Innocent Child with a Pure Mind and a Clean Body, he shall in no Way Enter into the Holy Kingdom of All that is Good.” — A Favorite Saying of Jesus Christ, who was the Most Holy Person who ever Lived on this Earth, who Rose from the Dead, who is still Alive and Well, whose Holy Spirit Inspires this Extremely Good Book. See Matthew 18 and 23:23—33, RNKJV.