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"Now, as you can See, “Scientists” are Beginning to get Worried: beCause the Peabrain Peacock from Angel Ridge, King’s Mountain, Kentucky, has them Pinned Down on the Floor of the Slaughterhouse in a Headlock!" — Does the Earth MOVE?? 


What is the PUNISHMENT for Dietary Sins??

Alternate Titles: 
Can you Eat your Way into Happiness??
Did the Epicurean's Gastronomical Suicide Pay Off??
Has Deuteronomy 28 and Leviticus 26 been Fulfilled by Americans??
Is "the Greatest Nation on Earth" being Judiciously Punished by its Self-inflicted Dietary Sins??
What are the PUNISHMENTS for our Dietary Sins??

The Masses of People in this World of Woes will never Know during this Life how many Good Things that they have been Deprived of: because of Yielding to certain Temptations of the Devil, and Especially when it comes to Eating, which is the Main Source of their Miseries; but, they seem to never make the Connection between their Diets and their Health — as if it made no Difference what a Person should or should not Eat — after all, “other People seem to get by with Eating Whatever they Want to, and so can I,” Reasons the Dietary Sinner; but, the Problem with that Philosophy is the Fact that there is a PAY DAY, or PUNISHMENT, for Dietary Sins: because we all Reap whatever we Sow. Nevertheless, there is a Remedy for such Sins, and a Sure Cure for whatever Ails us, if we still have our Precious Organs. Otherwise, it would Require the Power of a Miracle, in Order to be Saved from such Sins, which Power is not Available to Dietary Sinners, until they Repent; and this Booklet tells HOW to Do that, According to the Law of Repentance.

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“O my Son, before you give in to the Lusts or Longing Desires of the Flesh, you should Remember the Amazing Rewards that are Laid up in Store for the Holy Ones, who Exercise Self-denial and Self-discipline, which has Great Rewards, both Physically, Mentally, Financially, Materially, and Spiritually.”

“O my Spiritual Daughter, the Sweet Fruits of Divine Truth from the Tree of Life will Satisfy the Belly of your Mind, if you Feast on them when you get Hungry; but, Woe unto her who Digs Cooking Pits for her Family to Fall into: because she will Fall into her own Pits, and be Overcome by her own Lusts.”

— Proverbs of the Peacock