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The Fool is Terrified at the Sight of Truths, and becomes Self-defensive: because his Traditional Religion or Belief is all that he Understands, and he Fails to Understand that his Traditional Religion or Belief is WRong! 


What will you Do when the Rain STOPS??

Alternate Titles: 
Will the Man with the Spirit of Elijah STOP the Rain for 3 Years and 6 Months??
Can Prophecies be Trusted??
The Ounce of Prevention that is Worth a Thousand Pounds of Cures!
Has the World Suffered with Famines Before??
Are you Prepared to Live Without Water?
Do not be so Sure that you will be Raptured Up to Heaven!
"A Wise Man Foresees the Evil that is Coming, and Prepares himself for it!" -- King Solomon

Hundreds of millions of Ignorant People are Unaware that a Great Worldwide Famine is soon Coming, wherein it will not Rain on all of the Land for 3 Years and 6 Months, According to Biblical Prophecies, which have even been Overlooked by almost all Preachers and Priests, Worldwide: because their Minds have been Consumed by Thoughts about how to get more Money and Material Wealth. Therefore, that Great Famine will come on them like a TRAP and a SNARE: because they are Unaware. However, this Inspired Booklet Reveals what must be Done by those Wise People who Desire to Save themselves from that Great Tribulation, which will be the Result of Accumulative Sins, for which Americans and the British Empire will Pay the Greatest Price: because they are Sinning Against Greater Knowledge than the other Nations have Obtained. That is, we Know to Do Good; but, we Willfully Choose to Do Evil: because it is to our Financial Advantage. However, “to him who Knows to Do Good, and he does not Do it, to him it is a Sin,” as the Bible States, which is the Reason that we shall be Punished, if we do not REPENT!

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A City of Confusion from an Eagle's Point of View

A City of Confusion from an Eagle's Point of View

Could any of the People who Live in these Houses SURVIVE a very Long Drought, seeing that none of them have Secure Water Supplies that would Endure for 3 to 4 Years, much less Food Supplies for themselves, their Neighbors, their Friends, and their Relatives? 

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“And I will give Power unto my 2 Witnesses, and they shall Prophesy for 1,260 Days, or 3 Years and 6 Months, being clothed in Sackcloth. Those Witnesses are Symbolized by the 2 Olive Trees, and by the 2 Candlesticks that are Standing in front of the Supreme Ruler of the Earth. And if any Man shall Hurt them, Fire proceeds out of their Mouths, and it Devours their Enemies; and therefore, if any Man shall Hurt them, he must be Killed in that Manner, in Order to put Fear into the Hearts of those People who might Desire to Hurt them without a Just Cause. Moreover, those 2 Witnesses have Power to Shut up the Sky, so that it will not Rain during the Days of their Prophecy; and they also have Power over Waters, in Order to Transform them into Blood, and to Smite the Earth with all Kinds of Plagues, even as often as they will, in Order to Humble those People who would not Repent of their Sins, and Forsake them.” — The New MAGNIFIED Version (NMV) of Revelation 11:3―6

“Elijah was a Man who was Subject to similar Passions as we are, and he Earnestly Prayed that it might not Rain; and it did not Rain on the Earth for the Space of 3 Years and 6 Months. And then he Prayed again, and the Sky gave Rain, and the Earth brought forth her Fruits.” ― NMV of James 5:17―18. See First Kings 17.

“Behold, I will Send to you the Man with the Spirit of Elijah the Prophet, before the Coming of the Great and Dreadful Day of the Supreme Ruler; and he shall Turn the Hearts of the Fathers toward their Children with True Love, according to the Truth; and he shall Turn the Hearts of the Children toward their Fathers with Respect and Obedience, lest I come and Smite the whole Earth with a Sore Curse, wherein the Rain will STOP for 3 Years and 6 Months on all of the Land!” ― NMV of Malachi 4:5―6, in PLAIN English