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WHY does God Allow SUFFERING??

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"My People are Destroyed for a Lack of True Knowledge ..." -- Saint Hosea 4:6
"The Wages of Sins are Sicknesses, Diseases, Suicides, and other Deaths!" -- Saint Revision Correcto
Can you Think of any Creature on Earth, who Suffers as much as People?
Can we Rightly Blame God for our own Self-inflicted Sufferings??
Should we Blame God for our own Self-inflicted Sufferings??
Why do People Blame God for their own Self-inflicted Sufferings??
Will any Sane People be Blaming God for our own Self-inflicted Sufferings after Reading this Inspired Book??
"You shall Learn the Whole Truth, and that Truth will Make you Free in All Ways when you Practice it Correctly." -- Saint Revision Correcto
WHY do People SUFFER??

Hundreds of Millions of Ignorant People SUFFER for Various Reasons, and some even Falsely Accuse GOD for their Suffering, as if it were his Fault that they Overate on Pizzas and Iced-cream; or, as if it were his Fault that they went to Bed with some Stinking Skunk and Contracted the “AIDS Virus”! However, there are other much less Apparent Causes for Suffering, such as Tax Slavery and Interest Slavery, which most People do not Understand, which are Explained within this Booklet, which also Reveals HOW to Overcome ALL Suffering. Therefore, be Wise for yourself, and Study the Colorful Tale of the Inspired Peacock from Angel Ridge, who has NO Aches nor Pains from Head to Toe, who can Honestly say that he is Free from all Suffering, except that he Suffers Spiritually and Vicariously for the Masses of People who have not Learned his Master Plan for Worldwide Law, Order, Obedience, Peace, and True Prosperity, who could all be Moderately Rich in all Ways, if only they had the Faith of a Piss Ant!

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Goats are Symbolical of the Economic System of Mindless Capitalism!

Goats are Symbolical of the Economic System of Mindless Capitalism!

These Nubian Goats made their own Barren Ground, even as Capitalism has Stripped the World of many of its Natural Resources: beCause of being Mismanaged. Likewise, People Suffer in many Ways: beCause of being Mismanaged, and most of them Imagine that they should Manage themselves, even though few of them Actually get to Do whatever they Want to, at least most of the Time, Thank God. Otherwise, they might do Worse than these Imprisoned Goats! For a True Economic System, see: Swangkeenomics! 

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“Bless the Supreme Ruler, O my Soul, and do not Forget all of his Benefits, who Forgives all of your Sins, who Heals all of your Diseases, who Saves your Life from Destruction, who Restores your Strength, who Crowns you with Loving Kindness and Tender Mercies after much Fasting and Praying, who Satisfies your Mouth with Good Foods from the Trees of Life: so that your Youthfulness is Renewed like the Youth of the Eagle, who gets new Feathers every Year.” — Psalm 103:2―5, New MAGNIFIED Version (NMV)

“If you will Diligently Listen to the Voice of the Creator your Supreme Ruler, and will Do that which is Right in my Sight, and will Obey my Commandments, and Keep all of my Statutes, I will put none of those Diseases upon you, which I brought upon the Egyptians: because I am the Merciful Creator who Heals you.” — Exodus 15:26, NMV