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"O my Son, it is much better to WAIT, and allow the Fool to EMPTY his Head, before you Attempt to fill it with the Stuff that Produces Righteous Kings and Holy Queens: beCause he cannot Hear a single Word that you say, until there is Enough Space for it in the Belly of his Mind, which is normally Stuffed with Lies!" — See the New MAGNIFIED Version of the Proverbs of King Solomon 


A List of the EVILS of CAPITALISM!

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The Dirty Clothes of Capitalism Washed and Drying on the Line for all to See!
The List of Capitalist Evils Keeps Growing and GROWING and Endlessly Growing!
The Shame and Nakedness of Capitalism is Now EXPOSED!
Capitalists Cover their Eyes and Refuse to Look at themselves Unclothed in the Mirror of Truth!

Capitalism is the Love of Money in Action, which has brought about the World’s Greatest Evils, many of which are Listed within this Inspired Book, which should be Mandatory Reading in all Public Schools, Churches, and Government Offices, Worldwide: because it Exposes the EVILS of Capitalism like no other Book on this Earth, which EXPANDS the Mind, and Causes a Person to THINK! Indeed, one of the Greatest Evils of Capitalism, is the Fact that most People are BLINDED by their PRIDE, when they Obtain a little Money, which is a Requirement for Capitalism to even Work! In Fact, without Great PRIDE, there would not be any such System of Greed: because People would be Humble and Honest Enough, in Order to Confess the TRUTH; and the Truth is that Capitalism is DOOMED by its own Greedy Nature: because there are LIMITED Natural Resources from which Capitalism draws its Strength! In other Words, when we RUN OUT of Natural Resources — such as Oil, Gas, Coal, Wood, and Grains — we will be in a Capitalist’s Pickle Barrel, you might say, and no one will be Able to figure out HOW to Escape from it: because our Hands will be Tied by a Lack of Natural Resources, while everyone’s Teeth will be Dissolved by the Vinegar of Capitalism, if they Attempt to Feast on it: because it is a Perfect Recipe for Economical Disaster and Spiritual Suicide!

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A Maytag Inspiration!

A Maytag Inspiration!

This Malfunctioning Maytag Washing Machine Inspired one of the Best Books in the World,
which Lists more than 500 of the EVILS of Capitalism! I had no Idea that there were so many Evils.

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“O Children of Confusion, there is a Way that seems to be Right unto an Uneducated Nation of Ignorant Fools: because of the Apparent Prosperity of certain Rich People; but, the End of that Way is Self-destruction and Death, which will come upon all People who put their Trust in the Evil Empire, who will be Ground to Powder, so to speak, when the Great Leaning Tower of Confusion Falls on them: because they have Forsaken Truth and Wisdom, and have Clung to Doctrines of Demons — such as the Goodness of Capitalism, and the Righteousness of Dumbmocracy, whereby certain Rich Hogs have gotten Control of the Masses of Tax Slaves, Interest Slaves, Insurance Slaves, and Work Slaves, who Long for the Day of Rest when Jesus Christ Rules this World of Woes and Wonders, who will Teach to US what is Right and Wrong.” — Sayings of The Colorful Peacock from Angel Ridge