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 Patricia Meredith, the same Advice applies to Eating and Drinking FRESH Spiritual Foods and Drinks, which are Inspired by the Holy Spirit. Did you Feast for Free within a Swangkee TRUTH-brary, Today? If not, why not?


A Reasonable Solution for TRASH DISPOSAL!

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How many Natural Resources must be Wasted Before we Wake Up?
Who will be Able to Clean up the World After Mankind in General has Committed Financial Suicide?
What would Jesus Christ do with all such Mountains of Trash, if he were in Charge of this World of Woes??
How are we going to Decrease the Production of more and more Trash?
Is there Actually a Simple and Reasonable Solution for the Trash Problem?
Is it Possible for Reason and Logic to Overcome Greed, Selfishness, and Lust???

We Americans have more Trash than all of the People of India, China, and South America, Combined — not beCause we are any Better than any of those People, who are Desperately Attempting to "Catch Up" and even "Surpass us on the Highway to Hell that goes to the Capitalist Paradise on the other Side of the Mountain of Doubt and Unbelief"; but, beCause we are more Blest with Empty Souls, you might say! Indeed, it is as if we were Attempting to Satisfy our Souls by Consuming 10 times more than we Need, in Order to Supposedly Live a "Good Life." However, just Exactly WHAT should be Done about all of our TRASH, now that we have gotten ourselves into the Bad Habit of Consuming so many Packaged Goods, and Buying so many Toys and Things, which often end up being Stored in the Basement, Attic, Garage, or even in some Storage Room that Rents for 400$ per Month? The most Reasonable Answers are found within this Inspired Booklet, which should be Mandatory Reading in the Public Schools of Ignorant Fools, who Suffer with Chronic Constipation of the Mind, not to mention Uncle Sam’s Bloody Underwear: beCause of "Grunting too BIG" in the War DEPARTment, which has Produced all Kinds of Horrible Smelly Abominations, if you know what I Mean! Yes, he now has Bleeding Hemorrhoids, you might say, after Straining himself over the Ever-present National Debt, and Future Obligatory Debts, which Amount to tens of Trillions of Dollars, which he cannot get Out of his Mind! Yes, Poor Old Uncle Sam has gone BROKE in his Dotage!

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A Modern Trash Dump

A Modern Trash Dump

This is a Modern, very Neat and "Clean" Trash Dump, which will eventually Prove that "Out of Sight, Out of Mind" is still True. However, there are Consequences for all such Actions; and only God Knows for Sure what all is in this Trash Dump, which is only one of millions of them, which are Bound to eventually Leak Poisons into someone's Drinking Water, which will no doubt Assist Cancers, Tumors, and other Human Ailments. So, what is the most Reasonable Solution for this Massive Problem?

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“O my Son, whatever we Do with our Trash, it is Important to make Sure that we do not end up Eating it, nor Drinking it: beCause it could make us Sick, and could even Cause us to Contract Cancer of the Brains.”

“O my Spiritual Daughter, God Knows that we are all Born Innocent; but, the Problems come when we Supposedly Grow Up, and begin to Buy all Kinds of Vain Things, which the Wild Animals have Lived Happily without for thousands of Years: beCause of being Uneducated, Innocent, and Living as God Intended.”

— Proverbs of the Peacock