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“It is not Right to FORCE all of the Children into Future Tax Slavery, with no Hope of Escaping from such BONDAGE. Indeed, WHO gave to US the Right to put such a Tax Burden on Future Generations of Rebellious Children? It would be better for them to not be Born, than to be Born into such an EVIL Situation — UNLESS they are US, in which Case we could only Confess that we DESERVED IT!” source

— Ray Walter Swangkee

Can Bankers be Trusted??

Alternate Titles: 
WHO are the Real Bank Robbers?? (The Undercover Legalized Bank Robbers, that is!)
Would Jesus Christ Allow Squirrelly Bankers to Play their Money Games??
A Better Banking System, which Everyone can Love!
Did King Solomon Borrow Money from Bankers?
Did Moses Institute Banks and Bankers?
Will there be a Banking System in the New Jerusalem?
Is it Possible to Prosper without Bankers and Insurance Companies?
A Righteous GovernMint has no Need for Bankers and Bank Robbers!
Are Riches only Good for Rich People?
Do you have to be Poor Forever?
How Long must People Suffer in their States of Poverty?

Billions of People have “Trusted” Bankers for thousands of Years: because they have very little if any Choice in the Matter, since Bankers more or less Control the Prosperity of all People, while taking Extremely Good Care of themselves: because they Naturally think of themselves first and foremost. Indeed, if you had Control of the Money Supply, would you not also Want to Feather your own Bed, as they say, and make Life GOOD for yourself? Of course! Therefore, who can Blame Bankers for all of the Troubles in this World of Woes?? After all, it is a very Complex System of Confusing Associations, which no one Thoroughly Understands: because it has been Deliberately made to be Confusing, in Order to Keep most People in the Darkness of Ignorance and in the Bottomless Pit of Addictions. However, WHO are the Real  Bank Robbers, who can be Blamed for the Poverty of the Masses of Hardworking People in this World of Woes?? This Booklet Reveals WHO they are, and what we Tax Slaves and Interest Slaves can Do about it. Make this a Good Day by Enlightening your Mind concerning this Most Important Subject, which ought to be Mandatory Reading in all Schools.

A Photo of the Hard Labors of the Usury Slaves, which Usury they Paid to Rich Banksters for doing almost nothing!

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Modern Bank Buildings and Insurance Companies

Modern Bank Buildings and Insurance Companies

These are Good Examples of how much those Friendly Bankers and Insurance Agencies Love themselves. Indeed, would they even Think of Building such Lavish Houses for their Usury / Interest Slaves and Insurance Slaves? Of course not! Nevertheless, they are Worthy of Government Bailouts at Taxpayers' Expense! 

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“Abhor that which is Evil, and Cling to that which is Good.” — The New Magnified Version (NMV) of Romans 12:9.

"A Feast is made for Telling Jokes, followed by Laughter, and Wine makes People Temporarily Merry; but, the Love of Money is the Root Cause for almost all Evils; and yet, Money, itself, is the Solution for almost all Problems, and can Answer almost all Questions pertaining to Crimes. Therefore, a Wise King will make Sure that his People have lots of Money, which must be Earned by Honest Labor, According to a List of Fair Wages. — The NMV of Ecclesiastes 10:19 — Inspired by a Proverb of King Solomon

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