Random Peacock Quote

“It is not Right to FORCE all of the Children into Future Tax Slavery, with no Hope of Escaping from such BONDAGE. Indeed, WHO gave to US the Right to put such a Tax Burden on Future Generations of Rebellious Children? It would be better for them to not be Born, than to be Born into such an EVIL Situation — UNLESS they are US, in which Case we could only Confess that we DESERVED IT!” source

— Ray Walter Swangkee


What would you Do, if you had a Million Dollars? Would you Buy Houses, Cars, and Toys, go on World Tours, or Donate the Money to some Church, Mosque, Synagogue, or to the Victims of Hurricane Katrina? Would you use that Million Dollars in order to gain 10 Million more, or just Gamble it away in Lost Vegas, Nevada?? Well, whatever you might like to do with it, you can be Sure that it would soon be Gone, if you did not Invest it Wisely: because Money can Disappear like Water through a Sieve. Indeed, Uncounted Gamblers have Won and Lost Millions of Dollars, while hundreds of millions of People have simply Starved to Death for the Lack of Water Pipes, Pumps, Cisterns, and Gardens. Therefore, before you consider what you might Do with a Million Dollars, you should Learn what the Colorful Peacock from Angel Ridge might Do with it, if he should get it: because, as far as we Know, no one else on Earth ever Thought of Doing that.

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“O my Son, you must be Careful concerning whatever you Wish for: because you might have your Desires Fulfilled, which might be a Blessing or a Cursing, Depending on how you Deal with whatever you Get. Therefore, make Sure that you can Handle it before you Ask for it.”

“O my Daughter, if you had a Million Dollars, you would probably Give it to someone who could Manage it Better than yourself; but how do you Know that it will not Corrupt that Person, since Riches have Corrupted many People?”

— Proverbs of the Peacock