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"Remember that every House of Love is Built on a Solid Foundation of Divine Truths; and, without Truths, there is no True Love. Indeed, Truth is the Glue that Holds us Together, which Explains WHY most People are not very well Glued to Politicians, Medical Doctors, Lawyers, Judges, Bankers, nor other 'Officials' with Masters Degrees in Mental Rapeology, who are Basically just LIARS, Deceivers, Tricksters, and HYPOCRITES!" 

— Ray Walter Swangkee

The Colorful Peacock Debates the United States Congress over MINIMUM WAGES!

If Raising the Minimum Wages for the Poor Tax Slaves and Usury Slaves would Cause Inflation of our Money, and Devaluation of our Dollars: beCause of having too much Money among those Poor People, perhaps we should Remove the Bank Accounts of all Rich People, whose Wealth is Certainly having the very same Bad Effect, except in an Excess by many Times: beCause they are many Times more Rich than those Poor People who are now Earning Minimum Wages! Therefore, all such Theories are nothing but Nonsense, which are Promoted by False Economists, who should also Study this Inspired Booklet, which Explains HOW all Willing Poor People can become Moderately RICH!

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Photo for The Colorful Peacock Enters into a Debate

Photo for The Colorful Peacock Enters into a Debate

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“O my Son, the Rich People in this World of Greed, and even the not so Rich, Need X-amount of Poor Slaves and Ignorant Fools to do the Dirty Work for them; and therefore, they have little or no Feelings for all such People, who are Paid with Minimum Wages for doing the Maximum Amount of Work, and Living the most Beggarly Kind of Lifestyle.”  — A Proverb of the Peacock