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“The very same Cold Chilly Wind that Refreshes and Comforts the Hardworking Person, is the very same Cold Chilly Wind that makes the Slothful Person feel Miserable and Uncomfortable. Likewise, the very same Inspired Words of Provable Truth that Refresh and Comfort the Righteous Person, are the very same Words that make the Unrighteous Person feel Miserable and Uncomfortable. Yes, those Words even seem to Threaten such a Person, which can make that Person Do Strange Things — even unto the Point of Murdering the Most Righteous Person who Lives.” source


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Can a False Economy Survive??
Who is Responsible for our Great False Economy??
Does a True Economy have Unemployment?
A True Economy versus a False Economy!

The Great False Economy only presently Thrives to some Degree beCause of an Abundance of Natural Resources, and a Great Enthusiasm for certain People to get Rich Quickly; but, behold, when the Natural Resources are Exhausted and Used up, and there is nothing more to Exploit for the Benefit of a few Rich Capitalist Hogs who have the Biggest Teeth, what will be the Fate of the Great False Economy? This Inspired Book Reveals the End of that Madness, which every Honest Person will do Well to Study: beCause this Special Book also Reveals HOW the Saints will Escape! Therefore, along with the Bad News, there is also some very Good News, which is Hidden within the Mysterious Tale of the Peacock, and the Rope of Hope.

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25. Monroe’s $400 Non-working VITA MIX Rip-off Blender, with Explanation

25. Monroe’s $400 Non-working VITA MIX Rip-off Blender, with Explanation

This Non-working Rip-off Junk Blender should be stuffed down the Throat of whomever makes it and sells it: because it is no better than a $20 Blender, in my Opinion, even though it is Supposed to Grind Wheat, Cream Nuts, Knead Bread, Boil Soup, make Ice-cream, Juice anything, and Clean itself! Shame on the Head of whomever Advertises such Trash. This Machine broke down about one Month after the Guarantee Expired. It is a Typical American Capitalist’s Money-getting Machine, which has been Advertised Nationwide for Decades in such Magazines as the Mother Earth News (MEN), Organic Gardening and Farming, Prevention Magazine, and so on. Shame, SHAME on them.

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“O my Son, before you Buy any Lies and Deceptions from the Capitalist Hogs, you should Consider the Fact that not everyone is like a Hog, Dog, Snake, Slug, Scorpion, Skunk, nor Bloodsucking Leech: because many People are like Workhorses, Sheep, Goats, Cattle, Camels, Elephants, Deer, Buffalo, Bison, Antelope, Yaks, and other Innocent-minded Souls, who may be Ignorant; but they are not Greedy, Selfish, Self-centered, and Proud of it. In Fact, some People would Sacrifice their Lives, just in Order to Save you from much Suffering, Debts, Pills, Worries, Fears, and Endless BILLS.” — A Saying of the Peacock

"O my Spiritual Daughter, an Economy that only Services Rich People Well, is a Great False Economy: because it is Possible for almost all People to become Moderately Rich in all Ways (even in a Country like Haiti, which has Needlessly Suffered with Natural Disasters for Decades): beCause those People are Willing to Learn and Work, which is almost all that is Required for a True Economy, except that it does Require a Righteous Government." -- A Proverb of the Peacock