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People are STARVING to Death, even while Feasting to Death: because they are Starving for True Foods.” source


Few People take Sickness and Disease SERIOUSLY, until it Happens to THEM; and then you would Naturally Think that they might Want to Learn what CAUSES such Sicknesses and Diseases; but, instead, most People just ASSUME that if the Doctor Knife, Doctor Pill Popper, or Doctor Shots does not Know the Cause and the Cure, no one else could possibly Know anything about it! However, no Wild Animals on this Earth ever Suffer with so much Ignorance, Fears, Worries, Indebtedness, Sicknesses, Diseases, Wounds, Hospitalizations, Imprisonments, and Troubles, as PEOPLE have, which Demonstrates that those Wild Animals have a Degree of “Knowledge” that is Superior to OURS! Therefore, it is Possible for us to Learn Good Lessons from all such Creatures, who Live on Natural Diets. Likewise, most People do not Think about Money, until they are Broke; but, there is a Way for People to Live in Peace, and to Prosper beyond your Wildest Imagination, without going into Debt, without becoming Interest Slaves, and without Tax Slavery, which is Revealed within this Good Book, which not only Gives the History of Money; but, it also Gives the Solution for a Lack or Shortage of it!

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A Pile of $100 Federal Reserve Notes

A Pile of $100 Federal Reserve Notes
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“O my Son, Money, itself, seems to be a Mystery to many People: because they have no Idea where it comes from, nor why that it was Invented, nor why it keeps Losing Value, nor why some People have so much of it while they have so little of it; nor who Controls its Production, Distribution, and Use; but behold, all of those Questions have been Answered, and the Answers may Shock most People: because they do not Know the HISTORY of MONEY.”

“O my Daughter, just Think of the many Unnecessary Arguments that could have easily been Avoided, if you had had Sufficient Money in Order to Buy those Good Things that you Need; but cannot now Afford.”

— Proverbs of the Peacock