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"O my Son, it is much better to WAIT, and allow the Fool to EMPTY his Head, before you Attempt to fill it with the Stuff that Produces Righteous Kings and Holy Queens: beCause he cannot Hear a single Word that you say, until there is Enough Space for it in the Belly of his Mind, which is normally Stuffed with Lies!" — See the New MAGNIFIED Version of the Proverbs of King Solomon 


The Strange Things that People Do in Order to get more Money!

There are any Number of Ways that People get more Money, and many of those Ways are very Strange to US: because we have not seen them before; but, to the People who are Doing those Things, there is nothing Strange about them: because they are Familiar with them. Nevertheless, the Great Question is this: WHY would People have to Do all of those Strange Things — which are very Strange to Wild Animals — just to Earn a Living?? Indeed, NO Wild Creature would even Consider doing such Things for a Living: because they are Contented with what they have, which is Basically AIR, WATER, and FOOD; but, it is not so with People, who seem to never Satisfy their Appetites for more and more, even if they Weigh 300 Pounds too much, and have an entire House of Hate that is Stuffed Full with Capitalist TRASH and JUNK, most of which they never Use, and much of which they are Unaware of until they Clean House or MOVE to some New House in the City of Confusion. Therefore, this Inspired Booklet Reveals HOW to Prevent such a Waste of Time, Money, Materials, and Energy.

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Photo for The Strange Things that People Do to get more Money

 Rolls of Vines for making Wreathes for Christmas

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“O my Son, there are Multitudes of Occupations to Choose from; but the one that you should Most Desire is the One and only One that can make you Healthy and Happy: beCause, without Good Health and True Happiness, you will never be Satisfied.”

“O my Daughter, just Think of how many Vain Things in this World of Wonders that you will never be Able to Obtain for your own Pleasures: because Life is Limited to just a few Years, and this may be your Final Hour. Therefore, be Wise for yourself, and Provide the Most Blessings for yourself by Yielding to the Will of God, who has Worlds without Number to be Inherited by his Chosen Sons and Beloved Daughters.”

— Proverbs of the Peacock