Random Peacock Quote

When Capitalism has been Stripped Naked by her own self, she will Discover in the Light of Truth that she was just an Old Whore to begin with, and that all of her Lovers have Forsaken her: because she STINKS!

— Ray Walter Swangkee

What does the Bible Mean, "The Destruction of the Poor is their Poverty"??

The World has long been Plagued by Poor People of all Kinds, whose Poverty comes in Degrees; but, never in all of History have the Masses of People been more Thoroughly Set Up for Disaster, as they are right now, while even Vainly Imagining that they are Doing Well, just as they are! However, when the Rain STOPS, and the Fertile Fields DRY UP, and there is nothing to Eat, except each other, the Masses of People may Realize what is Required in Order to Prevent  such a Great Disaster. Nevertheless, until then, they will just have to go on Suffering in their States of Poverty, being Deprived of Fresh Clean Air, Pure Water, Good Food, Proper Clothing, and Secure Houses, just to Name a few of the Good Things that they are Deprived of for the Sake of Pride, which comes before Destruction.

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“O my Son, if you have Traveled around the World, as I have done, you have certainly Noticed that most People Suffer in a State of Poverty, which is the Cause for their Destruction.”

“O my Daughter, if you Desire to Fully Understand the Meaning of all such Mysterious Sayings, you will have to Study the Tale of the Colorful Peacock from Angel Ridge!”

— Proverbs of the Peacock