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“It is NOT Right to make Drug Addicts out of all of our Children, just to get more Money: because there are Better Ways to Earn Money by Honest Labor.” source

— Ray Walter Swangkee

Why Buy Any More TRASH??

Alternate Titles: 
Have we Already Obtained Enough Trash??
Mountains of TRASH!
Do your Neighbors have too much Trash?
Would Jesus Christ Fill his House of Love with Trash or Quality Products??
Does your Trash Torment you?
What is the End Results of an Economy that Depends on the Sale of Trash?

When you Stand to one Side, in a Corner of the Marketplace, and Observe how much TRASH is Found for Sale, it is Astounding to Think of what would Happen if everyone Suddenly got Inspired to NOT BUY ANY MORE TRASH! Yes, there could come a Point at which Time almost all People have Obtained Enough Junk, and therefore they would have no more Desire to Buy any more of it: because they are SICK of it! Indeed, even the American Consumer could Overeat on it, you might say; and therefore, without any Warning, simply VOMIT on the Head of Capitalism: because of being RIPPED OFF, as they say — because of being Sold too much TRASH, which is Destined for the Trash Dump, even though some People fill their Attics and Basements with it: because they are Possession Worshippers, who Dread the Thought of getting RID of any Possession. However, Isaiah wrote, “In that Day a Man shall Cast his Idols of Silver, and his Idols of Gold, which they made each one for himself to Worship, to the Moles and to the Bats …” because all such Vain Things will be Worthless. However, this Booklet Reveals what is Truly Valuable, which everyone Desperately Needs, even if they are not Aware of it!

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The Remains of a Yard Sale

The Remains of a Yard Sale

 One would Think that all such People would Realize that they have Collected far too much JUNK; but, being Possession Worshipers, how could they get Rid of all such "Precious Things"? Nevertheless, every now and then, someone Wakes Up and Realizes that he or she can Live without all such Trash, and then they have a "Yard Sale," whereby someone else can Collect their Junk!

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And He {Jesus Christ} said to them, “Take heed and beware of covetousness, for one’s life does not consist in the abundance of the things he possesses.” — Luke 12:15, New King James Version (NKJV)

“Do not lay up for yourselves Treasures on Earth, where Moths and Rust Destroy them, and where Thieves Break in and Steal them; but, lay up for yourselves Treasures in the Kingdom of Heaven, where neither Moths nor Rust Destroys, and where Thieves do not Break in nor Steal: because, wherever your Treasure is, there your Heart will also be.” — A Saying of Jesus Christ, RNKJV of Matthew 6:19—21