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"O my Open-minded Son, Hear my Voice with your Inner Ears, and pay Strict Attention to my Lovable Words of Enlightening Truths: because many Ignorant Fools have ASSUMED that their Vain Traditions are Correct, just beCause they have been used to Following them." — A New MAGNIFIED Proverb of King Solomon 

Why Do Lying Preachers PROSPER??

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Why Do People Trust Lying Preachers??
How Many Lying Preachers are there??
Is there a Relationship between Lying Preachers and Deceptive Politicians??
Can you Trust your Minister??
Were Preachers Always Liars??
Is it Possible for a Preacher to not be a Liar??
Why is it so Tempting for Preachers to Lie??
Was Jesus Christ just another Liar??
Can you Trust the Inspired Writings of the Apostle Paul??
Have you Believed the Traditional Lies of False Preachers??

Most Observant People have probably Noticed that there are some HUGE Churches in this World of Wonders, which were Built by the Generous Contributions of Wise People, who Needed some Place to Worship, who could not Worship God in the Forest nor Field: because that would be too Humiliating, and Especially if they had to Confess that certain Preachers are almost nothing but Liars. However, that is not to say that ALL Preachers are Liars, nor that all Prosperous People are Liars and Deceivers; but, it is to say that certain Lying Preachers do Prosper, for some Mysterious Reason, which this Booklet Explains in PLAIN English, which might Offend certain Liars and Deceived People; but, it will not Offend the True Sheep of the Good Shepherd. Therefore, if you are Offended by it, take Heed to yourself: because it could be that you are Working for the Devil, and do not even Know it!

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A Large Church in Dallas, Texas

A Large Church in Dallas, Texas

The Title says that this is a Large Church in Dallas, Texas. However, it is Actually a Photo that was taken of a Small Church near Little Rock, Arkansas. However, if you had Believed the first Line of Lies, and did not Know the Facts concerning this Subject, which I have now Revealed to you, you might have been easily Deceived by those Lying Words and the Deceptive Photograph, which does not Show the Entire Church Building; but, it Shows mostly a Phony Facing Job from just One Point of View, which is like most Phony Religions; but, Certainly NOT like yours, huh?

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“My People are Destroyed for a Lack of True Knowledge. Therefore, because you have Rejected Truth and Wisdom, I will also Reject you from being a Teacher and Priest of my People, says the Supreme Ruler. Yes, seeing that you have Forgotten the Laws of your God, I will also Forget to Bless your Children, who shall rise up to Curse you.” — The New MAGNIFIED Version of Hosea 4:6

“By Means of you Lying Ministers, the Land is full of Murderers, Thieves, Robbers, Extortionists, Bribers, Prostitutes, and Criminals of all Kinds: because you do not Teach Truth nor Wisdom to the People. Therefore, the Young People are Filled with Lusts, and the Parents Promote those Lusts: because they do not Understand what they do to themselves at their own Tables of Just Rewards. Indeed, they Lust after the Flesh of other People, which Gives to them an Unnatural Appetite, which Causes them to Eat much more than is Needed, which Stimulates them to Lust more and more, which Causes them to Eat more and more, which makes them less and less Satisfied. Therefore, they Seek more and more Sensual Pleasures and Vain Possessions, in Order to Attempt to Satisfy their Souls; but behold, the more that they Obtain by Extortion and Greed, the more that they Feel Guilty for it: because they Know that it is WRong to Rob the Poor, to take Usury and Interest from those who are already Deprived. Nevertheless, they Do whatever they Imagine that they have to Do, in Order to get Gain: because their Hearts are Set on all of the Vain Things of this World, and all of the Lusts of the Flesh. Therefore, they have become more and more Corrupted, even as they have Multiplied, so have their Sins Multiplied; and no one tells them what to Do in Order to Escape from their Bottomless Pit and Endless Addictions: because the Priests and Preachers are also Corrupted, who Seek Rewards and Gifts, who Preach Comforting Sermons, who Encourage the People to get Gain: because those Preachers have Hope that they will also get Rich, which is their Main Motive for Preaching, even though they Profess to Love me, the God of Mercy and Pardon. However, when their Destruction comes, I will Look the other Way, and Turn my Back toward them: because they have Looked the other Way, and have Turned their Backs toward me. Yes, they have Utterly Forsaken my Commandments, and have Turned unto Whoredoms of all Kinds. Indeed, Sons are having Intercourse with their own Mothers and Sisters; and Fathers are Lying with their own Daughters, and Men are having Sex with other Men: because the Faithless Wombmen have become Disgusting Domineering Bitches, Lying Snakes, and Painted Skunks unto them; and therefore, those Men have become even more Disgusting and Filthy, committing Sodomy and Gomorramy: because the Leaders of the People have become Unmanly and Corrupted, even as the Priests and Preachers who Fear to Speak Evil of that which is Evil: because they might Offend someone who might put some Money in their Offering Bowl. Yes, those Preachers Seek Popularity in the Name of Peace and Tolerance; but, behold, the more all such Sins are Tolerated, the more Corrupted the People become, until at Last they are Destroyed for a Lack of True Knowledge: because all such Lusts Produce Blindness of the Mind, and Hardness of the Heart, until at Last those People Lose all Good Understanding, and become like the Heathen Nations, whose Solution for almost every Problem is to Kill and Murder: because an Evil Spirit comes over them, and they cannot Resist it. Indeed, the more they Kill those who Oppose them, the more their Enemies Want to Kill them: because they Want to get what they Imagine is JUSTICE. However, there is no Justice brought about by the Murder of Innocent Children and Helpless Wombmen, which only Builds up more and more Hatred, which Leads to more and more Murder, which Leads to more and more Revenge, which can at Last Lead to Worldwide War: because the Spirit of Satan comes upon them, who was a Murderer from the Beginning. Therefore, I Hate your Dishonest Gain, and I Despise your Witty Inventions: because you do not Need all of those Vain Things, nor should you Want them. However, you Want them: because they are Advertised to you with Repetitious Chants, by Means of Slogans, Cute Songs, Images, Pictures, and by Words of Deceptive Mouths. Yes, the Spirit of Covetousness and Lust has Filled your Hearts: because you Seek the Lifestyle of Sloths and Sluggards. Indeed, you Vainly Imagine that Labor is BAD, and that Leisure is GOOD; but, behold, your Dietary Sins will Prove you to be WRong: because you will Suffer with all Kinds of Ailments, and at Last you will Die a most Miserable Death, if you do not Suddenly Die with a Stroke or a Heart Attack.[1] Yes, you have Lived in Pleasure, and have been found Lacking in Truth that could Save you: because you have put your Trust in those Lying Preachers, who never even Mention your Dietary Sins: because they Love your Gluttonous Feasts of Hog Slop and Dog Food. Yes, they can barely wait until the Time to Eat: because their Stomachs are full of Bad Acids. Indeed, they Fulfil that Prophecy, which says: ‘There is a Conspiracy among her Prophets in the midst of their Land, like a Roaring Lion Ravening over the Prey, they have Devoured Souls; yes, they have taken the Treasures and the Precious Things unto themselves; and they have Produced many Widows in the midst thereof. Her Priests have Violated my Law, and have Profaned my Holy Things; they have put no Difference between the Holy and Profane, neither have they shown any Difference between the Clean and the Unclean, and have Hid their Eyes from my Sabbaths, and have even Established their own Day of Rest, as if my Laws were Changeable, and as if my Sabbath Day were not a Good Day for Resting, and as if my other Sabbaths were Abominations.[2] Therefore, I am Profaned by them. Moreover, her Princes in the midst of her are like Wolves Ravening over the Prey, waiting in Secret to Shed Blood, and to Destroy Souls in any Way that they can, in Order to get Dishonest Gain. Furthermore, her Prophets have Daubed their Crumbling Bricks with Untempered Mortar, Visualizing Vanity, and Divining Lies unto them, saying: “Thus says the Lord God,” when the Supreme Ruler has not Spoken. Therefore, the People of the Land have used Oppression in Order to get more Gain, and they have Exercised Robbery with Usury, and have Vexed the Poor and Needy People; yes, they have Oppressed the Strangers and Aliens also, Wrongfully, without any Justice: because they would not Want such Oppressive Wages, if they were Strangers in another Land. Nevertheless, I sought for a True Man among them, who should Shore up the Banks of the River of Sins, who should Stand in the Gap in Order to Keep Out the Enemies; but, behold, I found none for that Work. Therefore, I have Poured Out my Indignation upon them, and I have Consumed them with the Fire of my Wrath, even with Devouring Fire that comes from Above by Means of those Witty Inventions. Therefore, I have Recompensed upon their Heads their own Evil Ways, says the Supreme Ruling God.’ And thus it will be unto all Nations who Deny this Great Truth, who Teach Children Lies, who Flatter the People with Comforting Lies, who Promise them Peace and Prosperity for their Evil Deeds, who Hate my Sabbath Days, who Refuse to Learn more Truth, and who even Speak Evil of these Inspired Words of Provable Truth.” — See Ezekiel 22

“Behold, I Stand at the Door of Confession, and Knock on the Door of your Heart, saying: ‘Let me Come in unto you, so that we can Feast Together at the Table of Truth and Wisdom,’ but you Refuse to Open the Door, and let me Come In. In Fact, in Times Past, you have even Slammed the Door in my Face, saying: ‘I Refuse to be Corrected, I Hate Truth and Wisdom, I Love my own Lusts, and I cannot Wait to get Rid of you: because you Torment my Conscience, and Drive me Insane! Yes, you Reprove me for my Dietary Sins ― as if it were a SIN for a Person to Eat like the Dogs and the Hogs, now that you have made all Things Clean.’ But, behold, I have not made all Things Clean, as you have Vainly Imagined, being Deceived by the Vision of Peter, who was only given that Vision in Order to Teach him to Love all People, no matter what Color nor Race that they are: because, when I Establish my Righteous Kingdom over all of the Nations, I will Select certain Favored Souls from among all Nations, in Order to Rule or Govern those Nations.[3] Therefore, this Good News concerning that soon-coming Holy Kingdom should be Taught to all People, Worldwide: because there will be a New Righteous One-World GovernMint, which will Mint and/or Print the Necessary New Money in Order to use that Money Wisely, in Order to Hire whomever is Willing and Able to Learn and Work, in Order to do all Kinds of Good Works ― such as the Building of Beautiful Stone Domehomes and Homecraft Workshops and Sales Shops, as well as Terraced Stone Walls for Luscious All-Mineral Organic Gardens, Vineyards, and Orchards, as well as large Cisterns for Water Storage, and all Kinds of Beautiful Stone Buildings ― and that Stonework will Represent that New Money, which will have to be Earned by Honest Labor, According to a List of Fair Wages. Therefore, there will be no Shortage of Money for anyone who is Willing and Able to Learn and Work: because there will be an Unlimited Supply of it, without any Loans, without any Interest or Usury, and without any Taxes: because all of the Children will be Taught to Love and Obey the Magnified Ten Commandments, which will Eliminate all Taxes: because there will be Worldwide Law, Order, Obedience, Peace, and True Prosperity. Yes, there will be PEACE at Last: because all People will be Persuaded to Love and Obey the Truth, or else they will be Punished for not being Able to Prove it to be WRong. For Example, if every Person in the whole World should Learn, Believe, Love, and Obey the Ten Magnified Commandments, how many Taxes would be Needed by that Good GovernMint for the Prosecution and Punishment of Criminals, since there is no Lack of Money for Hiring People in Order to Do all Kinds of Good Works, such as the Building of Stone Bridges and Highways? I will Answer you, there would be NO Need for ANY Taxes: because there would be NO Criminals, nor even a Need for Locks on Doors: because everyone could be Trusted, and everyone would Love his Neighbor as much as he Loves himself; and therefore, no one would be Trying to take Advantage of other People for their own Gain; but, all People could Afford to be Honest and Trustworthy. Therefore, who can Object to Teaching all of the People to Love and Obey those Commandments? Let him or her who Objects to it, be put to Death, unless he or she can Prove that it would be Evil for him or her to Obey those Commandments. Therefore, if any Minister Rejects this Great Truth, and does not Teach it to all of his Congregation, he and his Congregation of Unbelievers will be Cursed with the Seven Last Great Plagues.” — The Provable Truth.[4]