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 At least in Greek Mythology, almost everyone Understands that it IS Mythology; but, in Hebrew Mythology, it is written as if it were Historical and Factual, when it is Actually MYTHOLOGY!


The New MAGNIFIED Version of First KINGS!

The Book of First Kings contains the Stories of some of the Kings of Judah and Israel, who also Fought Against each other, like 2 Disagreeable Brothers, who practically Destroyed each other after King Solomon had Attempted to Set them on the Right Path; but, even King Solomon did not Manage to Rule Over himself; but, he Turned Away from God to his Idols, and made a Fool of himself for our Learning. Therefore, let us Accept his Words of Wisdom, and not make Fools of ourselves like the Kings of Israel who Followed his Bad Example, and Turned Away from the Supreme Ruler to their Idols, who were Corrected by Elijah, who Executed the Unholy Prophets of Baal, who were Possession Worshipers, whose God was Capitalism, which Ism can be Blamed for the Destruction of every Good Thing on this Earth, even if it is Practiced by Atheistic Communists, Professing Christians, Moslems, Hindus, and Jews. Indeed, I have a Long List of the EVILS of Capitalism, which only Honest People will Confess.

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