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“It is NOT Right for the Hog with the Biggest Teeth to get the Most Wealth, even if that Hog Imagines that he has the Right: because the People who are like Chickens and Ducks also need to Live in a Prosperous State of Moderate Wealth.” source

The New MAGNIFIED Version of the Epistle of JAMES plus First and Second PETER!

The Epistle of James is Short and Sweet, being one of the Favorite “Books” of the Bible: beCause of its Clear and Indisputable Messages — such as “Love Covers a Multitude of Sins,” which is Especially Handy in Marital Relationships that are “on the Rocks,” as they say, which are about to Fall Apart, until they Exercise Enough Love in Order to Cover a Multitude of Sins, which, of course, only Requires a Small Amount of Love in most Cases; but, a Grudgeholder will Forever Dig Up the Hatchet that was Buried: because the Grudgeholder somehow Manages to Tie a Long Rope of Hopelessness to that Hatchet, even if it is Buried a hundred Feet Deep! And then there are the Flame Throwers that Saint James Mentions, and Saint Peter Quenches with a Massive Devouring Fire that Consumes “the Heavens and the Earth,” leaving only the Bad Memory of them, which are Quickly Renewed with a “New Heavens and Earth,” which is a Gross Mistranslation, which this Inspired Booklet makes Perfectly Clear for the First Time in Biblical History!

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Photo for The NMV of JAMES plus First and Second PETER

Photo for The NMV of JAMES plus First and Second PETER

 A Beautiful Face-job on a Potential Firetrap Disaster, which could Burn Down within 30 Minutes by Means of one small Match! Would you call that a GOOD House? Yes, it LOOKS Good, and it might not even Burn Down; but, the Termites are already at Work on it, and the Dry Rot is Bound to get it, if the Hail and Tornado Fail.

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