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“DEMOCRACY is Hailed among Western Civilizations, and Especially in the Divided States of United Lies, as the “Political Salvation of Mankind”: beCause, if anyone Objects to how their Government is Managed, rather than Shoot the King, they can Run with a Big Bag Full of Money, in a Political Race to the Little White OUTHOUSE, which Reeks with Ancient Elephant Droppings and Fresh Political Donkey Dung, which alone would Cause Jesus Christ to turn up his Nose at the whole Idea! P.U.!”

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— Ray Walter Swangkee

The New MAGNIFIED Version of JONAH!

Alternate Titles: 
Did Jonah Actually Swallow a Whale??
Have you Swallowed a Whale of a LIE??
Was Jesus Christ Deceived about the Story of Jonah??

All Serious Bible Students have been Puzzled by the little Book of Jonah, which is somewhat of a Mystery, which many People Sincerely Believe is nothing more than a Fairy Tale by some Artistic Jew; but, Jesus Christ Believed the Story, and even Compared his own Burial to that of Jonah being in the Whale’s Belly. (See Matthew 12:38—50.) Therefore, the Author of the Marvelous Tale of the Peacock and the Rope of Hope has MAGNIFIED this little Book for whomever might like to more Fully Understand it. Therefore, be Sure to tell a Friend, or pass it on to someone who might Appreciate it, who has Suffered Long Enough.


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A Loaf of Half-baked Cornbread

A Loaf of Half-baked Cornbread

Like Jonah, this Half-baked Loaf of Cornbread just Needed more "Cooking," at a Lower Temperature, in Order to get it Well-done. 

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"O my Son, before you can Honestly Judge any Subject, you must Learn all of the Evidence, which is often not very Apparent to those People who are Spiritually Colorblind."

"O my Daughter, the New MAGNIFIED Version of the Booklet of Jonah is a Marvelous Thing within itself; but, when one Practices the Great Truths within it, that Person will Know that it is an Awesome Book, which is Worthy to be in Print in every House in the World, and in every Appropriate Language!" — Proverbs of the Peacock