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“We are TAXED and RE-TAXED again and again for whatever we Buy and Sell, which is like a LEECH SYSTEM of BAD Government, whereby one Leech Sucks on the Blood of another Leech, until at last everyone is Covered with Bloodsucking Leeches!” source



The Gospel or Good News of Saint Matthew is the most Questionable Version of all 4 Gospels: beCause of its Self-contradictions, which are Pointed Out within this New Magnified Version for any People who might still have Doubts about it. In Fact, most Amateur Bible Students will be Amazed to Discover how Obvious that those Contradictions are, and how Spiritually Blinded that they must have been to have Overlooked them! After all, a Prophecy that is not Clear and Easy to Understand is hardly a Prophecy at all. For Example, it shall Come to Pass during the Last Days that there shall be many Great Explosions. Notice that such a “Prophecy” could Fit in with any Number of Events from the Kitchen to the Bedroom, and from the Little White BACKHOUSE in Washington, to Chernobyl, Russia, where the Atomic Power Plant Melted Down, to The Great ATOMIC NIGHTMARE! Indeed, unless a Prophecy is Specific, it is too Vague to be Called one.

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A Typical Scene at the Time of Christ

A Typical Scene at the Time of Christ

All of this Needlework was done by Hand, by the Lady whose Back is turned to us. This was the Custom for thousands of Years, among similar Craftspersons. 

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