Random Peacock Quote

“Madame, you are doing something WRONG. Therefore, WAKE YOURSELF UP, and pay Strict Attention to your own Body, lest you end up in the Sanitized Slaughterhouse, getting your Precious Million-dollar Organs Removed by Means of 10 cent Razor Blades, so to speak. Yes, WAKE YOURSELF UP, and come to your Right Senses: because you are in PAIN for a GOOD REASON, which is NOT the Lack of some Poisonous Pill, Shot of Puss, nor Operation by the Doctor Knife; but, it is the LACK of Obedience to Certain Divine and Natural Dietary LAWS.” source


This Inspired Booklet contains more Epistles from the Apostle Paul to Various Followers of his, who Apparently never Responded to any of his Letters by Means of their own Letters, or else they were Lost, along with the Missing Epistles to the Laodiceans, Athenians, Florentines, and any Number of other Places that Paul most likely Visited on his many Journeys around the Mediterranean Sea, Italy, Spain, Greece, and Turkey. In Fact, if you Spent 20 Years in Prison, it would only seem Logical that you would Write many Letters to all of your Friends: because of having nothing Better to do — at least I would; but, of course, I am Abnormal!

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