Random Peacock Quote

When Capitalism has been Stripped Naked by her own self, she will Discover in the Light of Truth that she was just an Old Whore to begin with, and that all of her Lovers have Forsaken her: because she STINKS!

— Ray Walter Swangkee

The New MAGNIFIED Version of The Book of MORMON!

The Book of Mormon is one of the most Controversial Books on this Earth, which is Believed by Millions of People, and is also Rejected by Millions of other People, both of whom Claim to be Wise and Educated; but, until now, none of them have had the Opportunity to Study the New MAGNIFIED Version of it, which Unravels many Mysteries, and Presents New and Enlightening Evidence, which every Lover of Truth and Wisdom will Joyfully Appreciate! Indeed, the only Book that is Comparable to this one is the Holy Bible, itself! Therefore, do not Deprive yourself of it, even if you have to Strain your Weak Spiritual Muscles just to Read it one Time! Remember that God has the Last Laugh, and you can be Sure that all False Religions will be Proven to be WRong, including that one who Rejects the Great Truths within this Inspired Book! Yes, be Sure that your Sins will be Found Out!

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