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"O little Children, no one's Life is Long Enough to Learn ALL of the Necessary Lessons for Perfecting one's Soul during one Lifetime, even if it is a hundred Years Long, and many People Die at Birth. Therefore, by the Wisdom and Mercy of God, we have been Given more than one Lifetime to get ourselves Perfected for either Good or Evil, which is also According to the Law of Justice, which Demands a Great Judgment Day; but, only after we have been Given Freedom to Choose how to Live and Think and Act and React, for at least a thousand Years!

— Ray Walter Swangkee

A Head to Heart Speech!

Many People have made Speeches about various Subjects, in Order to Try to Enlighten the Minds of whomever might have Spiritual Ears that can Hear; but, this Booklet contains a Unique Speech that is unlike any of the others, which is also available on a Tape Recording, in the Inspired Author’s own Loving Voice: because many People in this World of Woes cannot find the Necessary Time, in Order to read such Speeches, much less Read them Correctly. However, when we Read something, as Opposed to simply Listening to it, we can take our sweet time and even Study such Information, in Order to get the most out of it. Indeed, it is like Chewing on Food until it is Thoroughly Masticated, which Helps it to get Well Digested, which makes it more Nourishing, which makes it more Satisfying, which makes it more Rewarding, which makes it more Memorable, which makes it Worth the Time to read it again, and again: because it is Inspired by the Master Farmer, who alone could Reveal such Great Truth and Profound Wisdom, which is now provided Free of Charge to you by the Swangkee Association of Truth Seekers and Treasure Hunters, Worldwide!

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Giant Stalagmites in Carlsbad Caverns

Giant Stalagmites in Carlsbad Caverns

This Giant Stalagmite at the left side is over 100 feet Tall, and is a Natural Decorative Pillar in "the House of God," as one Lady called it, in Carlsbad Caverns, in New Mexico, USA. Yes, it is an Amazing Cathedral, to say the least, being somewhat like my Head to Heart Speech, which is Awe-inspiring! 

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"O my Son, there are Heart to Head Speeches, and there are Head to Heart Speeches; and both Kinds are Needed, even if certain Rebellious People do not Want to Hear them: beCause they Need to Hear them, just to get a certain Amount of Truth within their Minds: beCause, without at least some Truth, a Person will Grow up with a Hard Heart and Dead Conscience."

"O my Spiritual Daughter, if your Conscience is now Dead, you Desperately Need a Head to Heart Speech: beCause there is still a Connection between your Head and your Heart, while there might not be a Connection between your Heart and your Head: beCause the Blood only Flows in ONE Direction, you might say, which is WHY your Conscience is DEAD!" — Proverbs of the Peacock