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 At least in Greek Mythology, almost everyone Understands that it IS Mythology; but, in Hebrew Mythology, it is written as if it were Historical and Factual, when it is Actually MYTHOLOGY!


Can Peacocks be Trusted??

Alternate Titles: 
Can the Colorful Peacock from Angel Ridge be Trusted??
If the Peacock from Angel Ridge cannot be Trusted, who can?
The Crown on the Head of the Peacock is his Honesty!

“Awe, what a Deceptive Bird,” you say; but, you must Remember that there are at least 2 Kinds of Peacocks, and one of them has an Awesome Tale of Truth and Wisdom, like the World has never Seen before now! Therefore, Stand in AWE, O you Deceived People of the Nations of Evildoers: beCause your King has Arrived! Yes, he will set the House in Order for the Master Farmer, who will Prune Out all of the Diseased Limbs and Branches on his Trees of Life, and will Cast them into the Fire! Therefore, let us Shake and TREMBLE, O Nations of Filthy Sinners, and Repent of our Sins: beCause our Judgment Day is Coming!

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The Peacock Spreads Out and Shakes his Marvelous Tail

The Peacock Spreads Out and Shakes his Marvelous Tail

His Tail Feathers cover a span of about 9 feet 

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"O my Son, I Pray to God that you are not like the Fearful Dog, whom I saw the other Day, who Barked at me before he got to Meet me; and the Saddest Thing of all was the Fact that he never got to See me Open up my Big Beautiful Tale of Truth and Wisdom in the Light of Good Understanding."

"O my Spiritual Daughter, the Peacock is Symbolical of a Man who Seeks Truth and Wisdom, such as King Solomon Obtained, whose Tale of Truth and Wisdom is still Hidden from the Masses of People in this World of Woes, which has only Recently been Revealed to the Colorful Peacock from Angel Ridge, King's Mountain, Kentucky 40442."

— Proverbs of the Peacock