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"O my Open-minded Son, Hear my Voice with your Inner Ears, and pay Strict Attention to my Lovable Words of Enlightening Truths: because many Ignorant Fools have ASSUMED that their Vain Traditions are Correct, just beCause they have been used to Following them." — A New MAGNIFIED Proverb of King Solomon 

Dear Adam and Eve!

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Oh Adam and Eve, how did you Live without all of these Things?
900 Years of Deprivation!
A Series of Letters or Epistles Addressed to Adam and Eve!

Adam and Eve Obviously cannot Respond to the Epistles that are Addressed to them within this Booklet. However, it would be Neat if they could Respond: because it would be very Interesting to Learn what they might Think about the World that they Parented. Indeed, they would probably be Shocked, just to See a Portion of it; and Especially if they Visited certain large Cities of Confusion, which are Perfect Examples of Pure Insanity, as if Constructed without any Thought nor Plan whatsoever. In Fact, Adam and Eve would probably receive BILLIONS of Letters from their Descendents, if they were still Living, which Epistles would no doubt be filled with Profound Questions that they could not Answer — that is, unless they Studied the Inspired Writings of Ray Walter Swangkee!

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A Naked Peacock

A Naked Peacock

One of the Greatest Advantages for Working with Rocks, is the Fact that you do not have to Buy Exercise Machines in Order to keep yourself in Good Shape! However, Naked Peacocks never did Impress the People of the World very much: because, it is the Clothes that make the Man most Impressive to the People of the World, not his Nakedness! Nevertheless, Adam would probably be Envious of us: because of our Rock Houses.

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"O Father Adam, you Poor Deprived Soul, how did you Plow your Garden without a Tractor? Where did you go Shopping for Tools to Work with? Are you the one who Invented Money, or was that your Son, Cain?? And WHERE would you now Live, if you were still Alive??"

"O Mother Eve, Thank God that Tigers were not Eating Flesh during your Days, or else we might not be here! Yes, Thank God that you did not know how to Cook, or else we might have Degenerated much Faster than we did; but, most of all, we Thank God that you and Adam did not Chop Down the Tree of Life for Producing Firewood for Baking Bread, even though I would have no Idea WHERE you would Find an Ax for doing that!" 

— Proverbs of the Peacock