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“Well, O Turtle, with a Hard Shell like you Carry around with you, it is Doubtful that any Truth will Penetrate it.” source

SURVEYS of Religious Spiritual Governmental Political Sexual Social Moral Labor Economic Business Habitual and Miscellaneous VALUES!

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Survey of Values
General Surveys of Our Values
How to Discover other People of Like-mindedness!
How to Separate the People who are like Sheeps and Goats from the People who are like Lions and Wolves!
The Survey that every Politician, Preacher, and Teacher should have to Fill Out and File before being Elected to any Office!

Just Think — for the First Time in all of History, it is now Possible by Means of Computers to SURVEY the Religious, Spiritual, Governmental, Political, Social, Moral, Labor, Business, and Habitual VALUES of every Adult Person on this Earth, ANONYMOUSLY, so as to be Able to Discover other People of Likemindedness, with whom we can make Contact, and also Build Up POSITIVE Relationships, and even Work Together for the Purpose of Building Beautiful Planned City States, where we can Live in Peace and Happiness with such People, whom we Know that we can Trust: beCause of having Similar Values, which will Hopefully be GOOD Values! In other Words, we can now Sort Out the "Bad People" from the "Good People," and Willfully Choose to Live with the "Good People," whom we can Love and Respect and Work with, in Order to Present a Good Example to the World of what "True Believers" should be Living like, as Opposed to being Confused Hypocrites, who can never Live up to our own True Values: beCause of not having the Freedom to be Perfectly Honest with ourselves and others, lest we should Lose our Jobs, or become Outcasts of Society!

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The Deception of Outward Beauty

The Deception of Outward Beauty

 "O my Spiritual Children, be Aware that People are often somewhat like Onyx Jewelry Boxes, who Appear to be very Beautiful on the Outside; but, when you 'Open them up' by getting to Know them, you Discover that they sometimes have nothing on the Inside of them of any True Value, being Greatly Deprived of the Gems of Truth and Wisdom, which might be Discovered in a more Ugly or Homely Box." — A Proverb of the Peacock

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"O my Son, if you are Ashamed of your Values, it is unto your own Shame, not mine, except that we all seem to Bear the Shame of each other: beCause we are all Members of the same Spiritual Body. Therefore, I BEG you, PLEASE do not Say nor Do anything to make me Ashamed of you."

"O my Spiritual Daughter, one Thoughtless Act for the Sake of Lust could leave you with an Eternal Regret, and Upset the Belly of your Mind for Life. Therefore, be Wise, and Deny yourself of all such Vain Lusts: because they are Profitless." — Proverbs of the Peacock