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“We are TAXED and RE-TAXED again and again for whatever we Buy and Sell, which is like a LEECH SYSTEM of BAD Government, whereby one Leech Sucks on the Blood of another Leech, until at last everyone is Covered with Bloodsucking Leeches!” source


Should Wives OBEY their Husbands??

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How to have Peace in the Family!
To Love and to Cherish, for Better or for Worse, until Death do us Part!
Building up your Faith in a Profound Truth!
WHO is to Blame for Child Rebellion??

Hundreds of millions of Women are Confused by the Women’s Liberation Movement, which has Produced all Kinds of Problems that did not Exist, or were at least very Limited, for at least 5,000 Years: because Women in general Loved and Obeyed their Husbands, just for the Sake of Peace, if nothing else — that is, up until the Industrial Revolution and Women’s Suffrage, or Right to Vote, which also brought Pride, Rebellion, Self-determination, Arguments, Abusive Speeches, Divorces, Suicides, Child Rebellion, Cancers, Wars, and all that is Associated with the Industrial Revolution and the Great False Economy! Indeed, it was very similar to the Liberation of Black Slaves in Southern United States, which also brought with it more Abuse than Existed before their Liberation, which Abuse Continues until this very Day, wherein one fourth of all Black Men are Imprisoned: because of whatever Reasons. In Fact, there are more Black Prisoners and X-convicts in America, than the entire Population of Negroes during the 1840’s! Likewise, there are more Spiritually Imprisoned Wives in America, Today, than there were in all of History, who need to be Liberated from the False Doctrines of Women’s Liberation, which, like all Fads, will Surely Pass Away as the Light of Truth is Shined into the Darkness of Ignorance! And this Inspired Book Shines more Light of Truth on this Subject than most People have ever Seen!

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A Happy Submissive Wife and her Baby Boy

A Happy Submissive Wife and her Baby Boy

Oh the Peace, the Love, and the JOY of a Healthy Happy Family! 

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"O my Son, if a Wombman will not Obey the Master Farmer and Creator of all Good Things, how can you Expect her to Love and Obey you?"

"O my Spiritual Daughter, if a Man will not Love and Obey his Creator and Divine Lawmaker, how can you Expect him to be a Good Faithful Husband? Therefore, do not Marry a Man who Refuses to Study the Words of Truth: beCause only the Truth has the Power to set you Free from the Prison of Lies." — Proverbs of the Peacock