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“DEMOCRACY is Hailed among Western Civilizations, and Especially in the Divided States of United Lies, as the “Political Salvation of Mankind”: beCause, if anyone Objects to how their Government is Managed, rather than Shoot the King, they can Run with a Big Bag Full of Money, in a Political Race to the Little White OUTHOUSE, which Reeks with Ancient Elephant Droppings and Fresh Political Donkey Dung, which alone would Cause Jesus Christ to turn up his Nose at the whole Idea! P.U.!”

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— Ray Walter Swangkee

The CONTROVERSIES of the Three COWARDS (A Tale of Shame)

Alternate Titles: 
A Tale of Shame by the White Cow with a Red Face
A Tale of Shame by the Black Cow with a White Face
A Tale of Shame by the Red Cow with a Black Face

The Three Cowards are Representative of X-amount of Spiritually Weak People, who cannot make up their Minds concerning all Kinds of Subjects, whose Arguments could probably go on and on for ever and ever; but, this Inspired Booklet Boils it all down to the Bottom Line, which is the MARK of the Beast, if the Masses of People Reject the Great Truths that are Revealed within this Unique Booklet. Therefore, do yourself, your Friends, your Relatives, your Neighbors, and whomever might be Interested in Avoiding that Mark of the Beast, a Great Favor, and SHARE this Information with them: beCause they might Desire to Escape from it all, just by Exercising their DUMBmocracy, which should Speak up for them! Indeed, if it does not Speak for them, they will be Branded with the Mark of the Beast, whereby they cannot Buy nor Sell anything without it!

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3 Cobs of Sweet Swangkee Yellow Corn

3 Cobs of Sweet Swangkee Yellow Corn

Each Cob Represents a Spiritual Coward with a Multitude of Opinions 

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“O my Son, a Great Controversy is Brewing in the Forest among the Trees, and in the Fields, between 3 Spiritual Cowards, who cannot make up their Minds.” — A Proverb of the Peacock

"O my Spiritual Daughter, the Controversies of the 3 Spiritual Cowards are Based on Ignorance, Religious Superstitions, and PRIDE. Therefore, Humble yourself, Educate yourself, and Learn the Truth about the Master Plan of the Master Farmer." — Another Proverb of the Peacock