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“The very same Cold Chilly Wind that Refreshes and Comforts the Hardworking Person, is the very same Cold Chilly Wind that makes the Slothful Person feel Miserable and Uncomfortable. Likewise, the very same Inspired Words of Provable Truth that Refresh and Comfort the Righteous Person, are the very same Words that make the Unrighteous Person feel Miserable and Uncomfortable. Yes, those Words even seem to Threaten such a Person, which can make that Person Do Strange Things — even unto the Point of Murdering the Most Righteous Person who Lives.” source

What does ADULTERY Mean??

Alternate Titles: 
Are you a Spiritual Adulterer??
Why does God HATE Adultery??
"Oh that Harmless Pleasurable Adultery!" — ShakingSpears
"You shall not Commit Adultery" — Moses and Jesus
"Awe, what Unclean Man can Resist the Great Temptation to Commit Adultery?" — The Adulterer

Most Professing Christians would tell you that they are not Adulterers nor Adulteresses: because they are Faithful to their Spouses; but, at the same Time, most of them are Ignorant concerning the Fact that they are Spiritual Adulterers and Adulteresses, who are Committing Adultery in the Eyes of God! Moreover, most of them are probably Unaware of the Fact that no such Adulterers nor Adulteresses will have any Positions within the Kingdom of God: because it is a HOLY Kingdom, which cannot be Defiled by any Unclean People, nor Unclean Things. Therefore, before you Judge the Meaning of Adultery, you should do yourself a Great Favor, and Study this Inspiring Booklet.


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An Antique Tractor Pulling a Steam Engine

An Antique Tractor Pulling a Steam Engine

Like the Adulterer, this Antique Tractor is Dragging a Steam Engine behind it, making the Tractor rather Useless for Plowing and doing other Necessary Farm Work. Indeed, the Farmer / Adulterer will have to Disconnect the Steam Engine, in Order to make his Tractor Useful and Unadulterated. 

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“O my Son, be Aware of the Highly Perfumed Skunks, whose Evil Works are done in the Darkness of Ignorance, while the Humble Sheeple of the Good Shepherd are Sleeping. Do not go near them, nor Smell of their Stinking Perfume, lest you should be Seduced by them.” — A Proverb of the Peacock

"O my Spiritual Daughter, Adultery may be Pleasurable, even as it is to Eat a Chocolate Cake with Sweet Frosting, or an Apple Pie with Iced-cream; but, afterwards it is Bitter in the Belly of your Mind, if you get Caught; and, you can be Sure that you will be Caught by your own Conscience, if not by the Angel of Sickness, Disease, and Death!" — Another Proverb of the Peacock