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“True Love is Kind, Patient, Longsuffering, Willing to be Corrected, Happy to be Reproved, and Glad to Learn New Truths, which are also Old Truths: because the Truth is Eternal, even if it is New unto us.” — Truthful Sayings of Ray Walter Swangkee 

— Ray Walter Swangkee

Why should Men Wear BEARDS??

Alternate Titles: 
Why did God Create Men with Beards?
Why are some Men Beardless??
Why Men should Wear Beards!
Will Men Wear Beards in the Government of God?
Why was King David Ashamed to not Wear a Beard?
Can anyone Picture God without a Beard, since Adam was Created in his own Image?

IF God Intended for Men to Look like Women, he would have made them Similar; but, behold, Men were Created to Rule Over their Families, and to make the Final Decisions, and to Accept Responsibility for making those Decisions, for which all Men will give an Account to their Creator, whose Authority is Symbolized by the BEARD. Likewise, all Wombmen will give an Account for Obeying or Disobeying their Husbands: because that is the Order that God has Established, in Order to Establish PEACE within a Family: because the Husband is like the Bus Driver, and the Wife is his Assistant, who can sit beside him and give to him Good Advice; but, when she, or the Children, Attempt to take Control of that Bus, it will simply CRASH: because there is a Conflict of Interests and Decisions! Therefore, in Order to Maintain Peace, let all Men Wear their Beards, and let all Wombmen Love and Respect them for it: because their Beards are Signs of their Authority in their Families, which Authority comes from the Creator, himself, who is the Supreme Judge, Chief Ruler, and our only Living God.

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Could this Young Man Possibly Look Better without a Beard? Not to ME!

Could this Young Man Possibly Look Better without a Beard? Not to ME!

 This Handsome Young Man is easily Recognized as the one with Authority in his Household, who not only has the Respect and Love of his Wife and Children; but, also the Love and Respect of his Friends and Neighbors. Yes, even God Loves him for being True to his own Nature, being the Manly MAN that God made him.

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"O my Son, do not be Ashamed to Wear a Beard, even if it is not Popular: beCause your Master Wears a Beard, and you will do Well to be like him in all Ways."

"O my Spiritual Daughter, if you do not like Beards on Men, you must be Related with those Men who do not like Breasts on Wombmen. Therefore, there seems to be something WRong with you and them." — Proverbs of the Peacock